Happy Tweets Monday!

Good Evening, Happy People!

If you are anything like me, you are not too thrilled to be back to the grind after an AMAZING American Thanksgiving, filled with turkey, potatoes, turkey, apple pie, and – you guessed it – more turkey. And, though you may still have leftovers in the fridge, we can’t let the gluttonous, unproductive versions of ourselves carry over any longer (I admit, I gave it the long weekend, too!). I tend to look at Monday as my starting-over point. My take-off into the next week. The way I feel on Monday – as much as I hate it – dictates how I work and feel the rest of the week.

Lucky for everyone involved, I was feeling VERY inspired this morning. In fact, I finally started my morning workout routine again. I can no longer excuse myself with the weather changing and a warm bed calling my name, as that is how it will be for the next few months. No hibernating here!

Here are your Happy Tweets for the week! I hope they motivate + inspire + propel you forward into positive vibes for (at least) the rest of the week!


An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“I want to put a ding in the universe.” ~ Steve Jobs
There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way. – Christopher Morley

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone. – Thomas Carlyle
Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow
“Who said nights were for sleep?” -Marilyn Monroe
“If you want to live a top shelf life then you need to stand on the books you have read. Never stop learning, never stop growing.”- Jim Rohn
“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” – Abraham Maslow
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ” – Winston Churchill
<3 The RoaminTwin

3 Recent-ish Developments

Yes, I know: we are over a month away from 2015. But first the first time in, well, EVER, I am really excited to work on very specific areas of my life in the New Year. No more of this lose-15-pounds, knit-10-items, be-more-beautiful mumbo jumbo. It’s time to be clear. It’s time to keep dreaming and scheming, but most of all it is time to sit my a** down and CREATE. Here are the 3 closest-to-my-heart items that I am going to create/develop in the New Year:

1. Myself. I have spent the last couple of months really delving into my desires, dreams, and how I want to feel when I make decisions. I am actually the worst decision-maker you may ever meet, so checking in with myself and asking how I want to feel with each decision is helping me to mature in this area. One of my greatest decisions I have made so far in this mindset?

2. This Community. I have made the decision to develop this platform into so much more. It needs a little TLC + idea-mapping before I can go into much else detail, but I will tell you this: I want this to be a community of like-minded people who want to live a journey of happiness. I want learning materials + a happiness shop + events + giveaways. And I want it all to launch in 2015 so we can all start a real, focused journey!

3. a FILM. I have wanted to be a filmmaker for years at this point. And in the last year – mainly because of our Roamin4Happiness community – I have decided that I want to create MEANINGFUL films. Films that inspire happiness. Films that change lives. Well, also funny films, but I will need a little help in that department :) To start out, however, I have an idea up my sleeve that incorporate both #1 AND #2. More on that later…

For the remainder of 2014, I will be working with #SecretBloggersBusiness (and hopefully their #SBBscholarship ) to really dig into best plan + action for our community. I have so many ideas in this little ole brain-o-mine, but have just had a hard time with execution of these ideas in the past. With their assistance, I know that our community will become highly contagious, as well as sought-after. I also know that they can assist me in ways that I don’t even know yet (heck, with the #SBBscholarship , our original graphics + photographs will finally have a universal feel and develop leaps and bounds)!

So, at this time, I seek a little patience from you, my wonderful community of Happy People. Don’t stop doing what you do. Just know that this is the top priority of mine and that I am working to make this blog the best I can for us. The future may be blurry, but know that as we choose our own happiness, it becomes decisively more clear. Wonderfully, splendidly clear.


Thank you!

+ TY to #SecretBloggersBusiness for this opportunity!

<3 The RoaminTwin

Wedding Wednesday #10: 2 Tasks You Can’t Trust ANYONE With.

Real quick, before I get started with Wedding Wednesday #10, I just want to toot our own horn: our wedding was featured on Wedding Wire! Of course, they don’t go into TOO much detail on their website. But that’s A-OK, you are getting all the need-to-knows RIGHT HERE!

Now back to your regular (fabulous) programming…

There are 2 INTEGRAL Tasks regarding your wedding-besides the getting married part-that you cannot trust with anyone but yourself (and maybe your spouse). Are you ready for what those are?

1. Ceremony Programs
2. Thank You Notes

At this point you know I am a personalization fiend, but these two items are uber personal. The program maps out what’s gonna happen and who is involved. The back of ours also included directions to the venue, tips for the evening (HEY! We will have March Madness on the bar TVs! Mimosas for all!), and – my very favorite – a Thank You to all in attendance.

What the heck, RoaminTwin?? Those are sent out after you open gifts!

Well, yes. And no. I am a pretty grateful person (and you should be for maximum happiness in your everyday life!), and I made sure to thank everyone involved every step of the way. I didn’t prepare much of a spoken thank you for the rehearsal dinner. But I did it anyway. And was a blubbering/nervous wreck the entire time.

We put a Thank You in our programs. I would share that with you here, but it was tailored for the crowd at the wedding. I did include that this celebration was as much for them as it was for us. Heck, besides the ceremony, every part of the wedding day is a big Thank You Note! Because each and every person in that room has been with us as individuals and as a couple, and have helped us grow into who we are today.


We carved out time to give a little Thank You Toast (or two or three – I kept grabbing the mic from Timmykins) before dinner. I was VERY thankful for my practice run from the night before. Because we will never have the same group of people in the same room at the same time ever again. Think about it. The room was bursting with L.O.V.E!!

Last but not least, we sent out Thank You Notes for the gifts we received. They were all purchased and made with the biggest amount of love, so I made sure to not only design the postcards (below), but also write notes that were filled with gratitude and sentiment. Because these aren’t just random people who decided to buy you gifts. These are your closest friends and family. They have been there for you through thick and thin. Good and bad. I mean, that’s why you invited them to your wedding, right??


Right? If not, why did you invite them, silly?

<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets MONDAY!

Happy Monday, Happy People!

Let me tell you: The last couple of weeks have been eye-opening ones for yours truly! I have been plannin’, schemin’, and – most importantly – BELIEVING IN MYSELF. I have decided that 2015 is going to be the year of THE LAUNCH! What am I launching, you ask? I will be launching a new site + design for roamin4happiness, a new film project, + MYSELF into the world! It’s time for me to take the reigns of my own life and LIVE!

With that in mind, we are back with our happy tweets! I hope that they inspire you to think a bit about the coming year and what you are going to do to make it the HAPPIEST year yet!

If you have any ideas you want to bounce off someone, please feel free to interact with me in the comments! I am ready to inspire + be inspired!


Entrepreneur Support @FounderSupport
Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. – Dale Carnegie

ActionComplete @ActionComplete
Don’t wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful… lead the way!
~Steve Maraboli

Cash Cow Couple @CashCowCouple
“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
― Aristotle

Lori Fields @YourWorthySelf
You can make a mistake & begin again. #YourWorthySelf

The most effective way to do it, is to do it. -Amelia Earhart

Cash Cow Couple @CashCowCouple
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moven @getMoven
Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. -Ayn Rand

Barbara Wilder @bwildone
It takes a courageous person to choose Joy. Barbara Wilder

since for some reason I am not able to copy the twitter profile pictures for each user onto this week’s happy tweets, I will include a picture that makes me happy :)


<3 The RoaminTwin

2 Actions to GET INSPIRED!

Good Day, Happy People!

I’ll admit it: I have been a little less-than-inspired recently! I subscribe to blogs, “Like” Facebook pages, and follow people and businesses on Twitter for daily doses of inspiration and motivation. But sometimes, it affects me for 2 minutes and then I go about my day, mundanely. And I hate it.

Sometimes, we all need a little kick in the pants, and for me, I continuously kicked myself for almost a week, and now I feel all charged up like the Energizer Bunny!

What did it for you? How can I do the same? Time to get back on the wagon!

Here are the 2 simple actions I took/am taking to propel myself forward, inspired:

1. I purchased something for myself. A few things, actually. When was the last time you purchased something for yourself without necessity? Purchased a dress you didn’t need for an upcoming work event, or that T.V. and XBOX 1 you needed to continue to interact with your gamer friends and stay up-to-par with the status quo?

Not only did I purchase a few things for myself, but they were on sale (YEEEE!), and they display words to motivate and inspire me:
bracelet icing3 PhoneCase
 * “STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES” bangle purchased ON SALE from: KateSpade.com
* “Quit Slackin’ + Make It Happen” wallet, and “Start the day with a smile and end it with champagne” phone case purchased ON SALE from: The Icing

If you have a difficult time “selfishly” purchasing items for yourself, then do what I (wish I could) do, and give away one item in your home for each item you purchase. Guilt-away! Now, every time I look down, I have a reminder to be positive, and not just dream, but GO FOR MY DREAMS! Everyone deserves a little sumpin-sumpin to do that for them!

2. Write a MANIFESTO. This week, I am participating in a FREE course with Melissa Cassera (MelissaCassera.com) entitled OBSESSED. Monday’s prompt was to write a Lifestyle Manifesto. According to Melissa’s worksheet: a Manifesto “provides a ‘check-in’ system to ensure that you’re practicing what you preach + presenting an accurate depiction of your lifestyle.” I have read so many times over that writing a Manifesto could be that one thing to spark everything else positively in my life…and for some reason I just never jumped on it. The prompt inspired me, but blocked me at the same time. Good thing Melissa included a fill in the blank form for me to start with! I will past the first draft of my manifesto below. But, just like life, it is a work-in-progress. Let me know what you think!

RoaminTwin’s Lifestyle Manifesto: Draft 1

When I wake up in the morning, the first thought on my mind is: Will going to the gym bring me more joy or pain, today?
And after that: Time for a big stretch and a spot of tea!
My heart glows when I am laughing with my best mates, and my heart breaks when I have no power to better a tough situation for a friend or family member
My community is my inspiration. More than anything else, I care about helping them to realize the joy they bring others
In my world, fantastic, flirty underwear is an absolute necessity
Jumping in puddles and wine nights are always a good idea.
Champagne and celebration are acceptable EVERY day
Pants are overrated, and being anything but authentic is a definite NO.
Fantasizing about that ice cream treat after a zumbathon is totally reasonable.
Striving to roam every corner of the earth is a must.
But, at the end of the day, living an abundantly joy-filled journey is all that matters.
When I die, I want to be remembered as the person who found herself on an adventure in happiness with…herself
And who inspired others to find joy and fulfillment in themselves, too.

Call-To-Action: Now that I have shared my Manifesto, I want YOU to create one to share with the community! This is a forum to share and promote happiness, so no holding back!

<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday!!

Good Day, Happy People!

I hope that – wherever you are – the sun is shining on you literally, and in every aspect of your life. I hope that you are stopping to smell the roses, and chasing your dreams like they are that cute boy you chased in middle school. I have been having a rough Monday myself, but with the help of this week’s Happy Tweets, as well as some positivity reminders I purchased for myself (that I will share in an upcoming blog post), I am gearing up to get today back on track!

Y tu? Enjoy!

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― J.K. Rowling
^^A.K.A. – Move forward with those dreams! :)

Change your attitude and it will change your life.

“The more we rejoice, the more we win the battle.”

You must stop talking about the problem and start talking about the solution…start speaking words of victory.
When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.

Don’t look back – you’re not going that way.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” —Judy Garland
See how TIMELESS these Happy Tweets are?? I am reaching all the way back into the re-Tweet vault from the second week of April, this week!
What are some words of motivation that keep you going through the week?
<3 The RoaminTwin

Wedding Wednesday #9: The Dessert Table

Good Day, Lovely, Happy People!

It breaks my heart to see that the last Wedding Wednesday post was on August 21st! Mea culpa!

And yes, I know it is no longer Wednesday of this week. But when my hometown team just swept their way to the World Series (and I got some last-minute tickets to the clinching game with my sister), everything else kind of fell off my to-do list.

But, here’s the deal: this post was worth the wait. Sure, it wasn’t a purposeful wait, but when your mouth is watering over the (mostly) homemade desserts I am about to share with you – and you walk down the street to buy your favorite cookie – you will thank me. This is all for the sake of happiness, people!

Suffice it to say, Timmykins and I have a GIANT sweet tooth between the both of us. So, along with our brunch buffet, we decided early on that we would like a dessert table. Because – even though cake is yummy – why stick to JUST cake? After telling my family, my sister and mom had SO many ideas, and we ended up with an almost entirely homemade dessert table filled with cookies, cakes, and donut holes (yes, you read that right)!!

Check out the staples below!

Timmykins LOVES him some Girl Scout Thin Mints & Oreos (I don’t mind them myself…), so we bought some. And then we bought some more.
Cookie styling by my dad. You can reach him through me for all of your cookie styling needs :)

My “Let Them Eat Cake” sign, flanked by none other than homemade cake (thanks, Ma!) & DONUT HOLES! There were 1,000 of them!
I am VERY well known at that donut shop now, haha!

Note: If you are going to provide 1,000 donut holes, please make sure an announcement is made. I found out after the fact that people weren’t eating as many because they wanted to make sure everyone got some. We had donut holes for DAYS afterwards! But we didn’t mind…

These little ditties…they are black and white cookies. I believe they are famous in New York City. Regardless, my adventurous sister (who lived in New Yawk for a time, and has many more big city adventures left) insisted they be at the wedding. So, family made them, and my wonderful second mother, Chris, hand-dipped them. They were wildly popular.

I wanted us on a cake. The moment he proposed. I was all set to bake the cake and learn how to frost it perfectly smooth. Then wedding week came along and I decided to take that stress away and order a plain white sheet cake at the local grocery store. I ordered the sticker from Fill Your Heart Edible Memories and decorated the cake with gold spray cake paint and graham cracker crumbles the night before the wedding!

This is Timmykin’s Groom’s Cake. The first cake I made him was dark chocolate with chocolate chips baked in. So, that’s what I made. Topped with dark chocolate icing and another cake sticker, and it’s a big fat hockey puck! I was really excited about it, and so was he. But, I don’t even think he got a bite! Oh well, there’s always next time…

Because my favorite shape of cake is square (I have no idea why, I am just drawn to it), my mom searched and found different sizes of square cake pans. And she baked cakes (AND cookies). She frosted them just like the fluffily-frosted cakes I pinned to my “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board, and voila! She is the best :)

Finally cutting the cake around 10pm. We had completely forgotten! Don’t forget to cut the cake or no one will eat it!

I would like to say I won this battle…but I am not quite sure.

We had a dessert table made with love because that is “so us” and made us happy. You could just as easily have one cake for all!

What is YOUR favorite dessert, and would it be served at a grand party you throw??

Now, go eat a cupcake/cookie/piece of cake :)

<3 The RoaminTwin

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Happy Tweets Monday!

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I am taking this approach to today in general. Because thinking too much and over-preparing will lead us to achieve NOTHING!



“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” (Rumi)

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. – Ayn Rand

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” ― John Green

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is.
When we underestimate our potential we don’t reach our potential.

Have a Happy Monday, Happy People!

<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday! Back again!

Hi ALL of you Happy People!
Looking back, it has been an entire month since I have posted! And for that, I am truly sorry. It has been a rough month of changes and challenges that I am working REALLY hard on being thankful for. I know that rough periods come and go, and that we as humans grow from them, but since I am still in the thick of it all, it is difficult to see an end to the tunnel!
Wow, all of that seemed a bit morbid! Welp, guess what? I started looking ahead through the Happy Tweets that are in store for us today, and these will DEFINITELY help turn my Monday around! I hope they can do the same for you, and help all of us to realize that:
We have the power to change our moods and reactions to things. We alone have the power to choose our own happiness!

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

« The biggest mistake of the man is that he thinks he doesn’t deserve the good and the bad things from his life »

Some opportunity comes Once In A Lifetime. TAKE IT!

“Successful people don’t waste time/energy worrying about being better than someone else. Focus on being the very best version of YOU.”

In life and business, there are two cardinal sins: The first is to act without thought, and the second is to not act at all. – Carl Icahn

“Needing to be liked is a problem. As long as you understand that, this will be fun.”

Love is the bridge between you and everything. ~Rumi

Everyday, take the chance to do something new. It won’t cost much more than the courage it takes to do it

Have the BEST day!

<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday!

I read a post on Facebook today about how to treat every day like the best day, and not just live for the weekends. Goodness, that will take a little bit of practice – especially on Mondays – so for now, let’s stick with the Happy Tweets to revv you up in your afternoon slump!


Truth is not diminished by the number of people who believe it.
Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts; it is about one life influencing another.
I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. – Florence Nightingale
It’s always too early to quit. – Norman Vincent Peale
“Doubt everything. Find your own light.” – Buddha
“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”
“Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.” — Oscar Wilde
“You can, at any point in time, change where you are headed. You are your own dream weaver & a dream achiever and it’s all left up to you.”
Happy Monday, Happy People!
<3 The RoaminTwin