Happy Tweets TUESDAY!

Why, good EVENING, Happy People!

I hope that your week has started off with a bang. But, guess what? We aren’t going to let it stagnate at Tuesday! It’s time for some Happy Tweets to get pumped up for your off-the-clock activities. Whatever you need the motivation for – a second job, the gym, mowing the lawn – this should do the trick to give you the extra “oomph” to make it to bedtime!


“All you can do is do what you believe in – it’s when you listen to too many opinions that things go wrong” – Sarah Burton
Progress is progress, no matter how small. What achievements are you proud of today?
« I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. » Tony Robbins
You can look for the positive or the negative in every situation but just remember whichever you choose, you then have to live in it.
« The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. »E. Nightingale
The greatness of a man is not in the money he acquires, but in his integrity & his ability to affect those around him positively -Bob Marley
“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown

« We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do. » Dale Carnegie
Have a marvelous and PRODUCTIVE evening, happy people! Time to live towards your dreams!
<3 The RoaminTwin

Wedding Wednesday #7: CEREMONY!

Good Evening!

It has been so difficult to sit down and put my full self into these posts as of late, that it has been weeks since the last Wedding Wednesday! I am highly disappointed in myself and only hope that you can continue to be patient with me as I transition back into blogging on a regular basis. I love it and hope that I can lend my thoughts and full self over to this blog more often.

ANYWHO! Today’s Wedding Wednesday is all about the ceremony! 

I know some people get married outside, some at an event venue, others at a courthouse, and then there are those – like me – who are married in a church.

1Our Wedding Day

We won’t get too far into logistics, but because Timmykins and I chose to be married in a church, there were rules we had to abide by. At first, the rules turned me off to this choice of setting. But I found ways in which to personalize it as best as possible, and it worked out splendidly. Timmykin’s father presided over the ceremony so he could personalize the homily to us as a couple, and he was emotionally invested in the wedding, so it was a very wonderful time.

On top of that, we were able to choose the readings, readers, liturgist, and music before and after the ceremony. Because we are not partial to church music, we chose not to have music during the ceremony. Doing this allowed us to make a few non-traditional selections:

The Skyrim theme song (this is a video game, and was strategically placed by my husband for when my brother first walked in. I am told the reaction was priceless
Favorite Things (Sound of Music) - what the wedding party walked down the aisle to
Climb Ev’ry Mountain (“) – what I as the bride walked down the aisle to
Skyfall (Skyfall – 007) – our exit music as a married couple “Let the sky fall…we will stand tall and face it all together”

If that isn’t a fun playlist for you, then choose your own! Seriously, it was so much fun to choose the music and so powerful to hear it played. Now I have those songs to connect with my high emotions from the day.

But my absolute favorite thing to personalize over the enter day – coming before decorations, food, music, everything – were the prayers of intention. There are guidelines to go by in the church, but I was ready to tailor them to exactly what we thought needed the most attention:

  1. For the Church and all of those seeking their vocations within it, especially Deacon Tony. That they find the fulfillment and joy in their work that they long for. 
  2. For all people. That we realize despite our race, sexuality, age, creed, and other unique traits, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and that may bring us together and lead us to a greater peace. 
  3. For E & T. As they embark on this new and exciting journey together, that their love for one another may bring happiness to them, and every life they touch. 
  4. For those that are sick, and those that are unable to join us today, especially Baba & Granny. That they may all feel the warmth of the love radiating from this gathering.
  5. For all of those who have died, especially John S., Roy Z., Ruby Z., Bob E., Ron P., Karl S., Roger S., and Anthony B. May they enjoy perfect happiness and total fulfillment in eternal life. 
  6. For all of us, here today, especially E & T. That we may all carry on the legacy and best attributes of those who have gone before us. Those attributes including, but not limited to: courage, loyalty, compassion, and forgiveness. And that with these tools in hand, we may all live our most rewarding lives.

I had my mom read the intentions, and because they were very personal to her as well, she choked up. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

2Not a dry eye

I highlight the majority of this last intention, because living out the legacies of my family and friends who have passed has become a major focal point in my life, and this intention truly came from the deepest part of me that I could access. We chose to make our big day not just about our union, but about the people who have supported us along the way, both living and deceased. So, basically it was just a big THANK YOU party!

4A token to remember…


Now, what are you doing to personalize YOUR ceremony? Do you tend to go by-the-book, or would you consider mixing in a few non-traditional details?

My advice? Do what makes you happy. There will be compromise between you and your betrothed, as well as family and friends, but ultimately it IS your day. 

<3 The RoaminTwin


Happy Tweets Monday!

It’s time for me to stop putting this blog on hiatus. It’s time for me to stop putting YOU and ME on hiatus!

Let’s get through this last bit of Monday before going home and taking care of ourselves (albeit through exercise, watching a movie, cooking a gourmet meal, or just relaxing with a beer in hand)!


Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are asking, What’s in it for me? – Brian Tracy
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~Wayne Dyer
Use your eyes to see the needs, and use your talents to meet them.
Don’t expect anything less from yourself then the highest level, and don’t expect any less from the person next you either.
“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn
Thought, not money, is the real business capital. – Harvey S. Firestone
Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. – Babe Ruth

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.” – Galileo
“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” ~from Zen Shin Talks
<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets + Motivation in a Memory

I’ve got a lot on my mind today.

2013 was a year of great loss. In my life, and the lives of those closest to me. I thought that a year out from each, I would be back to normal. That I wouldn’t cry anymore. I was wrong.

I’m not “normal”, and that’s OK. I’m not “normal” because the life, death, and memory of each human has affected me and turned me into a greater human being than I ever thought possible. I am strong. I am loyal. I am capable. I am dreaming up and living a life I never could have imagined. I attribute all of who I am to those who have come before me, and a large majority to those who are no longer with me. Though I would love to bring each person back, even just to have one more conversation, I am relieved that my life isn’t normal because of them. I mean, who wants to be normal anyway?

Today marks 1 year that we have been living in the memory of Chad Rogers. Today I woke up with a smile on my face and enjoyed the hardest workout of my life while watching the sun rise. On days like these, my motivation and my strength come from those who are no longer able to walk, jump, or run. It was like I had angels lifting me up and pushing me through my workout.

That’s enough motivation for my week, and maybe even my year. I never wish loss upon anyone, but I do hope that those who have lost a loved one can find strength and motivation in their memory.

Happy Tweets may inspire you to reach even further. They give me that extra OOMPH!

Enjoy! Then get out and #beawesome

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. – Benjamin Franklin
Sometimes life doesn’t give you something you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.

Give unconditional love with no expectations and you will always be blessed.

Life’s like a play: it’s not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca
“You can only be brave by being afraid. Embrace what you are scared of and shift its energy to destroy your fears.” – Joel Brown
<3 The RoaminTwin
P.S. – Ryan asked if I was blogging about it, so I want to let the world know that his favorite breakfast sandwich is sausage, egg, and cheese with ketchup. Carries’ favorite is bacon, egg, and cheese. What’s YOURS?

6 Changes For YOUR Health & Future

Hello, Happy People!

It’s not often that you will find me on here during the weekend, but sometimes you are just inspired on an “off” day!

Weekends are usually the time where I can slow down a bit and reflect on the week, my life, and my progress in this happiness journey. Today, my health progress is at the forefront of my mind as I begin my day with a bottle of water, a cup of lemon grass green tea, and a serving of It Works Greens (UNSPONSORED: Find out more at Rachelle’s site HERE!). 

At the beginning of 2014, I wrote this POST about how this year is going to be the Year of the “F” Word for me: Fitness, Finances, Food, and Family. Following my wedding in March, I fell off the wagon in each of these areas, as nothing seemed more important than downtime with my new hubby (and nursing him back from a broken collar bone).

Fast forward a few months and I was spending less time with the fam, nearly broke (just because we were paying for a wedding and European honeymoon didn’t mean the bills stopped rolling in + unexpected hospital bills!), and feelin’ fat. I have never been one to think: once I am married, I can get fat and happy! Being lazy and unhealthy WOULDN’T bring me happiness, and would be a sign of disrespect towards myself AND my future. I knew I had to get back on track, so I decided that if I first focused on my health, the rest would fall into place. And wouldn’t you know that a few weeks have passed since I made this decision, and everything IS getting back on track! So many studies have shown that good health and making the decision to treat yourself with respect is the basis of a happy life, and boy am I proving them right!

On top of that, I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks, and I have shed 10 pounds of weight, negative feelings, and future health problems from my body! This is a mere side effect of my healthy lifestyle – unlike my pre-wedding training – as now I am focusing on taking my body to levels of health and fitness it has never seen before. I want to learn how to do a handstand, climb mountains, and finally be able to do a freaking pull up! 

It’s time for us to find happiness in ALL aspects of our lives, don’t you think? So, I thought I would share what I am doing to reach my goals and continue onward in my Year of the F Word:

1. Lift weights. Even if you are a girl. Even if you don’t have time. It is a great way to release stress, and will show you how amazing your body really is! Plus, I think physical strength releases an inner strength in all other parts of my life! If you don’t know where to start, check out bodybuilding.com. It’s got workout and nutrition plans to fit every level and lifestyle. I find myself switching things up a lot, as well as taking the nutrition advice, but always catering to my needs and my body.

2. Make working out fun (and a priority). I schedule my 5-day-a-week lifting plan around zumba and yoga classes. I tend to lift in the mornings, and attend 1-3 classes in the evenings (depending on how my body is feeling). I also like to swim, go on walks, and ice skate. Can you tell how much I dig the cardio machines at the gym? … Move yourself in fun, new ways, and it won’t feel like a workout!

3. DON’T get hurt. Seriously. In keeping with the theme here: listen to your body. Sure I tweak my knee sometimes (it’s highly tweakable), but when I do, I cater to what my body is telling me and take it easy. If you don’t listen to your body, you run the risk of setting yourself off track for months – just ask Timmykins – or injuring yourself permanently.

4. Eat well (and eat enough)! If you are following a lifting program, please know that you should be consuming more protein as well as additional calories from healthy foods. I have been eating more chicken and fish, vegetables and beans. That sweet tooth of mine is just hangin’ in there, so you will often find me with a spoonful of peanut butter or an apple in hand. I also really enjoy finding ways to make healthy versions of my favorite foods (chicken fingers, pizza, cookies, OH MY!). And I take the It Works Greens in the morning, not as a replacement for my vegetables, but as a supplement to them. Let’s face it though: most of us don’t consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day. Greens are a pleasant way to help that along :)

5. Drink water. You have been told this since the beginning of time, but you NEED water to survive. You need MORE water if you are taking part in physical activity. Feel hungry? Drink water first. Dizzy? Stop what you are doing and drink water! I have had a few dizzy spells as of late, and eating a little more as well as drinking water always quells them!

6. Forgive yourself. I feel like I am doing this more often than not. In fact, I finished typing, “…I have shed 10 pounds of weight, negative feelings, and future health problems from my body!”, then promptly got up from my computer and ate a donut. Not only did I eat that donut, I ate it slowly and enjoyed every last bite. Then I forgave myself and moved on. Because – as I remind myself every damn day – slip ups will happen. There is no need to deprive myself of something yummy if I am hungry and it is in moderation. And there is NEVER a need for self-loathing.

That brings everything back around to why I am doing this in the first place. It’s not a diet. It’s not a temporary change. It is a healthy lifestyle. And it makes me happy.

Won’t you join me?

<3 The RoaminTwin

Wedding Wednesday #6: D(AAO)IY

You are probably thinking: What the HECK is D(AAO)IY?!?!

D(AAO)IY = Do Almost All Of It Yourself.

Let’s face it, you can’t do EVERYTHING yourself, and what can’t be done yourself, we already know can be done by the very BEST VENDORS. Just make sure you do plenty of research ahead of time, and always talk to friends and family to see if they rub elbows with any vendors for discounts!

Let’s get back to business: so you say you want to D(AAO)IY? Welp, so did I, so you came to the right place! Over the next couple of Wedding Wednesday posts, I will go over what we did ourselves.

This week, let’s cover bride and bridesmaid outfits/accessories.

1. The Veil. Veils range from around $200-2,000!! That is a heck of a lot if you ask me, especially when I only wanted to wear my veil for the ceremony and a few pictures! So, my mom and I went down to a specialty bridal store and picked out some of the prettiest beaded and embroidered tulle with a lace edge. With that, my mom made a Cathedral length veil with a blusher that touched just below my shoulders. Beautiful.

2. The Garter. For years I have been eyeing this handmade lace that my grandmother gave to my mom when she was cleaning out her basement (something we think my great-grandmother tatted). When my mom received it, it was dirty and tattered, but she had since cleaned and rolled it neatly where it sat waiting to be used in her closet. So, I asked if we could use a small portion for my garter. Mom made me a wonderful vintage garter with blue ribbon for my something old AND blue!

3. The Bouquet. I always wanted something a little less traditional. For at least a year before the wedding, My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I had this idea that gold Christmas ornaments of different sizes and textures would look lovely as a bouquet. So, I bought the ornaments on sale around Christmastime and waited until about a week before the wedding (procrastination at it’s best, of course) before using THIS tutorial that I happened upon to make my own version. It couldn’t have turned out any better – and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on fresh flowers that die within a couple of days!

4. Bridesmaids. I told the ladies from the get go: please wear white flats and find a champagne/gold dress that makes you look and feel good. As their gifts, I got them all matching earrings, bracelets, and sequined wristlets. As bouquets, they each got a large single fake white hydrangea with gold ribbon wrapped around the stem (thanks, mom)! Gotta love sales at Michaels!

And last but not least…

5. Hair & Makeup. That’s right ladies and gents, the entire bridal party did our own. Mine, of course, was done with the help of my twin sister, and it stayed put ALL DARN DAY. I decided about 6 weeks before that not only did I not want to spend the ridiculous asking price for wedding hair and makeup, but that I trusted no one else.

TIP: If you are planning on having your hair and makeup done professionally, please please PLEASE pay for a consultation beforehand. I did. I showed her photos of a smokey eye and a red lip I wanted to try, as well as whimsical, loose updos that I had found on Pinterest. When she was done, I refused to leave my house it was so bad! It looked like a 5-year-old had colored outside the lines in black and red ALL OVER MY FACE! And the hair? She spent an hour straightening it and then put it in a bun with a hair tie and hairsprayed the living HELL out of it!

It was so bad that when my mom came over, I told her: I look like a drag queen. To which she responded: A drag queen would have done MUCH better! Dangit, she was right! I apologize to all drag queens!

What I sent to the “professional”:
Pinterest1 pinterest2


What happened in the consultation:
practice1 practice2
This is the result AFTER I rubbed off most of the eye makeup. It was PITCH black! – Obviously comparable to Rocky Horror Picture Show!

<3 The RoaminTwin

Happy Tweets Monday!

After a Monday filled with paperwork and generally feeling crappy. I am not even kidding when I say my body took every chance it could today to show me it was upset with food,exercise, and just being awake.

So, my motivating factor for getting through the day was knowing that at the end of the tunnel was a nice nap. And I took it. Now as I prepare for Tuesday and beyond, it’s time again to share Happy Tweets.


SPEAK in such a way that others love to LISTEN to you. LISTEN in such a way that others love to SPEAK to you.
“You’ve got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you.” – Clive Davis
Own your path. Make ownership the most important part of what you do every day. –
Raise up the ppl beside you & quit worshipping those above you
Your mind ultimately is your greatest asset. So be very careful of what kind of advice you put in it and who gives you that advice.
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. – Jim Rohn
“My response is my responsibility.” —Dr. Emerson Eggerichs during panel discussion at
“You don’t face your fears, you stand up to them.” – Brian Clark
Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th. ~Julie Andrews
Have a Happy Day/Night/Week, Happy People!
<3 The RoaminTwin