Severe Happiness

Are YOU severely happy?  I am.  Maybe not to the extent of the protagonist in my very first (student) short film. The quality may be lacking, but the characters are not.

I wanted to tell the story of a young woman who is happy all the time. So happy, in fact, that everyone around her is suspicious of said happiness and, therefore, outcasts her. Even her parents. This is extreme…I think.

But really. Isn’t that kind of how things work? Someone is SO different that everyone bands together to point out those differences? Aren’t our differences supposed to make us special, not just in the “my-mommy-says-I’m-special” sense?

This was my commentary on an unaccepting world. Unaccepting of happiness. Something MUST be wrong with with our protagonist because she is HAPPY ALL THE TIME. Can’t more people be like her?

I have chosen to change my mindset and outlook on life and become a little more like Jezebel every day. This blog is to be my outlet to track my progress as well as – hopefully – inspire others to create a happiness path of their own.

O! And here is the link for Severe Happiness…FREE on IMDB!

❤ The RoaminTwin

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