Does it make you happy to take everything seriously? Are you stiff, routined, uncultured, not funny, or don’t laugh? If you are and being this way makes you giddy and warm inside (I guess you would have to be giddy inside too. Or maybe just ‘content’), then don’t read further.

However, I think you should continue onward. Why? Because I took the time to write this, that is why!


When I was a freshman in college, I had a minor panic attack. OK, it was the collapsing dramatically on the floor, snot-running, can’t-speak-through-sobs kind of attack.

I FAILED A TEST. And I wanted to go home.

Well, guess what? BOTH happen to 98%* of college goers. My world wasn’t ending, and, after about one hour of this lump-of-me-on-the-floor event, I realized that (thankfully). The tears dried as I thought of how grateful I was. I had the opportunity to study 1,500 miles away from home in sunny San Diego on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. I will continue to contend that this fact distracted me to the point of failing that test, but I digress. I was living my dreams at the time, but taking them all for granted. In my panic, I wasn’t appreciating my lot in life, my family, my newfound friends, and opportunity in general.

How selfish?!

I got up, wiped the snot off my nose (and chin, and out of my hair), and went to sit outside in the rose garden behind my dorm room. It is still funny to me how little I appreciated the quiet until that day. I accomplished so much sitting in that garden. I decided to change my outlook, my attitude, kick the selfishness, AND drop the class.

Don’t listen to the provost, or counselor, or TA, or whomever when they tell you that dropping a class with a “W” so early in your college career is “a horrible idea and looks really bad on your transcript”. Bologna. Just don’t make a habit of it. Habits can be our best friends or our worst enemies (see also: Charlie Sheen).

Had I continued to take that class, there was a 67%** chance I would have failed, making me hate every decision I had ever made – including my school choice – packed up, moved home, quit school all-together, started dealing drugs, made a billion dollars in 4 years and retired.

Worst best-case scenario. OR BEST worst-case scenario.

However, I stopped doing what was really making me unhappy: that class. It wasn’t the only thing that was grinding my gears, but I continued to make small changes, and still do today.

You can’t always change every little thing that is making you unhappy with the flick of a switch, but change what you can. You have that power. You have to make yourself happy. I did. From then on, I walked out of my dorm every morning, closed my eyes, and deeply inhaled the ocean air, roses, and freshly-cut grass. I made the best out of every situation and did what made me happy.

Want to take this Math 102 class because it means you can sleep in ’til 10? Hell no! I want to take this History of Rock ‘N Roll class at 8am MWF!

“You want to stay in school for 4 years to get the FULL college experience”. Nah, I want to graduate early and start my life!

How about this party tonight? There will be house music and lasers and frat(ernity) boys! Um, I will pass. Laundry room is dead on Saturday nights and I haven’t had clean clothes in weeks! – This decision also led me to re-connect with an old friend…who eventually turned into my boyfriend…who makes me happy 🙂

So, basically what I am saying is, you can decide to turn your life around today. Do what you enjoy. Enjoy what you do. Enjoy MORE.  Also, if you fail a test every once in awhile, don’t fret: everyone does it***.

* I made that statistic up. But, it’s gotta be close, right?
** Same here. This statistic is probably closer to the 99th percentile. A girl’s gotta give herself the benefit of the doubt!
***I am a big fat liar with my stats. Actually, i suggest you stop reading this post right now because I will probably just keep lying.


Thanks for reading, and remember to MAKE YORSELF HAPPY!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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