There have been many things that I have taken for granted in this life: experiences, opportunities, and people (namely, my parents, and experiences and opportunities they have presented to me).

I have made it a point more recently to stop taking opportunities for granted. And to take every opportunity to be kind to others. A ‘Gentlelady‘, you might consider me. You should join me.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself of this. During my second trip to New York City ever – and second of 2012, thanks to my adventurous twin sister – was one of those times that, thankfully, I reminded myself.

My sister had procured tickets to StePhest Colbchella ‘012: Rocktaugustfest. This is a newly annual music-festival-y event held by Stephen Colbert. I was elated. Overjoyed. COULD. NOT. WAIT. It twas to be a night of music, booze, and FUN. And the headliner was FUN.

Fastforward to the best part of the night. No, it wasn’t the free Ben & Jerrys, nor the drink tickets or photo booth. It was my trip to the bathroom.

To get there, you had to get on an elevator and ride it 3 or 4 floors down. I got on a nearly empty elevator. FUN. (the band) got on at the next floor down. They were tired and ready to go home for the night, each toting gigantic rolling bags. I complimented them on their performance and told them how much fun I was having. They were very gracious, and vocally so.

We made it to the main floor. I had slinked to the back of the elevator so they could make their exit first. Like I said before, they had suitcases and were just ready to go home and sleep, so I wanted them to get off the elevator together, without any fuss. I waited until the majority of them exited, and continued to stand in the back corner, waiting for the lead singer – Nate Ruess – to go. There was a short stare down before…

best part

he motioned for me to go ahead of him and said: “Ladies first”.

I quickly obliged, and thanked him on my way out of the elevator, holding the door for him and his luggage. He was so smiley and nice.

I am thankful for that. That interaction, right there, is proof to me that people are good. I was a fan of FUN. before (hey, that means TWO things!), but now I am a fan of their music AND their character.

All because I took an opportunity to be kind to others. And so did Mr. Ruess. And then I didn’t take that interaction for granted.

This was just one person. One person who impacted me not because of his fame or my awe, but because of his genuine kindness. I have continued to show kindness to others, and though they are not all famous bands, they all have the same effect on me when they receive that kindness.

Of course, if I hold a door open for someone and don’t receive a ‘Thank you’, I turn into a crotchety old lady and I curse their name and the lack of common courtesy in the world today.

And then I am happy again when I think: Maybe they didn’t thank me, but instead turned around and held the door for someone else. Or something.

Or something…

❤ The Roamin Twin


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