Cheers to 50 Years: an ‘Interview’

What does 50 years of happiness mean to me?  That, I couldn’t tell ya. I have not quite reached such a milestone. But, I could tell you what it looks like: my mother.

Who am I kidding? I don’t call her ‘mother’. 50 years of happiness looks like my mom.

My beautiful mom turned 50 the other day. But, with 28 years of career, 26 years of marriage, 22 (almost 23) years of kids, and so much more, it is like she has lived for a thousand years (and I am sure she feels that way most days). She is VERY accomplished, has lived out dreams (though constantly seeking to fulfill more), and is a 24/7 support system to many more people than her handful of family. She is one of those moms who will buy a card and write a note of encouragement, just because. One who puts the loveliest of notes with Christmas money and is always pushing myself – and those around her – to do better.

Also, she has REALLY good skin. No joke. I think I shall describe it as ‘glorious’. Man, I can’t wait to look 39 when I am 50…

Since my mom has reached such a milestone as 50 years of age – and still has a smile on her face – I decided to ask her a few questions about happiness in her life. Here is what she had to say:

RoaminTwin: What does happiness mean to you?
Elizabeth (that’s mom’s name!): Happiness means satisfaction with what you have/do/want.

R: How has ‘happiness’ evolved for you over the years?
E: Happiness has become more broad for me as the years have passed.  It used to be “I hope I get the job I want”.  Now, it’s “is everyone healthy”, “are the family members getting what the are working towards”, “do we have enough food, shelter, money”.  When you are younger, you are only responsible for yourself, so happiness is more selfish.  The more people you are responsible for and to, the broader your definition has to become.

R: Is ‘happy’ better at 50?
E: Happy is different at 50, not better or worse.

R: What makes you happy?
E: Watching my kids reach their goals and dreams.  Enjoying my marriage and the family that we have created.  Knowing that I have value in the world, both on a small scale and on a more universal scale.  Enjoying my extended family on a different level.

R: What message(s) do you have for people seeking happiness?
E: Start with gratitude for the small things.  Then, look outside yourself to the people around you.  Once you add something to someone else’s life, you are on the road to the satisfaction that leads to happiness.

R: What do you hope to do with your next 50 years to make yourself happy?
E: I hope to travel, always try new things, and continue to appreciate what I have at the time that I have it.

If anything, though, my mom wants to leave you with this little ditty:

E: There are very few huge, fireworks, moments in your life.  You might be able to count them on one or two hands.  You can, however, have happy moments each day that fall into the category of satisfaction or contentment.  Both are underrated feelings.

More advice from my mom to tuck into my belongings and read when I need that extra ‘oomph’. I am going to go print this now. Really. You should too!

❤ RoaminTwin & Mom


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