Happiness In the Hands of Those You Surround Yourself With



I am so glad I ran across this! It is something I have slowly but surely realized – slowly due to my stubbornness – and it is really the first thing that needs to come to fruition in your life in order to be happy. Rid yourself of the “sometimes” and needy friends. Get rid of the negative, gossipy, flighty “friends”. All you really have to do is stop communicating on your end. They only come to you to complain or when they need something anyway. I know it sounds difficult, but it will be surprisingly easy. Especially when you remind yourself these negative forces are leeches trying to suck the happiness from your life.

Wow. Can I sound any more negative?

❤ Roamin Twin

Happiness Tips

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are who your friends are”? My mom used to say that when I was young and it always stuck with me. Once I grew up, I started to realize just how true that statement is. Along those same lines is a quote by Jim Rohn that reads “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So you want to live a happy & positive life? Being friends with negative people is certainly not going to assist you in that goal. Try to spend the majority of your time with positive people. Happiness is contagious. High-energy people will lift you up, while people who tend to be negative will bring out your cynical side.

Stay Happy!

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