Less = More(happiness)

Well, hello fellow happiness-seekers!

Today, I read an article that aligns perfectly with something I have been working on for some time: decluttering for happiness.

Find it here: http://greatist.com/happiness/less-stuff-happier/

Whether you choose to read it or not, it cites research that has shown that less belongings = less stress = more happiness. This is an idea I have pondered for some time, but always forget to look up when I am in front of a computer or other source for facts.

I have been on a mission to declutter my life for awhile now. I fill my time, my space, and my head with too many things. I would like to think that a messy work and home space means I am an excellent worker (focused on other things, perhaps?), but it has gotten distracting. Sure, I get into odd crevices every once in awhile and throw away / recycle / donate some items, but it is never enough. My floor is like a plate of never-ending Alfredo (see: Olive Garden), and no amount of cleaning will allow me to see the gray carpet beneath.

Do I have a problem? No. But I have too many things. And I put a sentimental value to many of them. This article tells me to remember a few things while decluttering, the best advice for me being: clean with your brain, not your heart. It can be difficult, but even if I wore that dress in my 6th birthday portrait, or my parents brought that shirt home from Lake Tahoe when I was 4 doesn’t meant I have to keep them. I have photographs. And, if you know me, photographs are one of the most important things – next to relationships and experiences – because they document those relationships and experiences I hold most dear.

And my favorite pair of pants from the 5th grade.

Less is more. And there is actual proof.

❤ RoaminTwin


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