Comfort Zone = Danger Zone

Wrapped in a cocoon of blankets in the fetal position.

Staying in my pajamas all day long.

Knitting next to a warm fire with yummy cookies baking in the oven.

These are all comfort zones. Specific to me, but not so specific that you also cannot relate to these or others just like them. These activities relax me, recharge me; but they also suffocate me, stifling my growth.

At this point in my life it is not my physical growth they affect -though, maybe with time, my width – but my intellectual growth towards my dreams.

I spend half my life dreaming, and the other working. To lounge too often, to live within my comfort zone, is to risk the life of opportunities missed. Because the world doesn’t take a break just because I do. And, though I am lucky enough to be in a position where I am making money working a couple of jobs that are assisting me on my path, I am using those positions as an excuse to relax when I am “finished” for the day. But, as in my last post, it takes passionate focus to move forward, and curling up into a ball of blankets with my puppy dog is not showing that I adhere to that ideal.

So it is time, my friends, to tweak my ways and narrow the amount of time I spend in my personal comfort zone. It will take baby steps, but each is one step closer to living my dreams. Even if I just start by changing out of my pjs first thing when I wake up.

All I know is that at this point I have too many goals – in work, finances, spirituality, and overall happiness – to sit around and wait for my life to happen. I am too young to merit retirement to my pajamas anyways.

But, I will need help. Most of us do. I have already called on the likes of my parents and boyfriend to help keep me motivated in many areas of my life – not that I needed to “call” on them, as it is their natural tendency to support me. Now, i am asking you to help me. If there are any “yous” out there. If there are only a handful of you, share this post with those you love and wish happiness for. Those who help motivate me towards my goals of happiness will receive support from me as we’ll.

That is what I want most, and is the reason I started this blog in the first place. Spreading happiness doesn’t come with the blink of an eye or the twitch of a nose. It takes action and persistence…outside of your comfort zone. And mine.

Happy Tuesday!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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