My Church

No. I have not created my own religion or even sect of a religion. I have come to realize, as I sit here in a cold ice arena cheering for my boyfriend and his best friend in their developmental hockey league that being a support system for my loved ones has become church for me where church is lacking in my life.

Here I sit. In the same spot on the back row of the middle set of bleachers. Every Tuesday evening for the last six or so months. Save for a handful of Tuesdays during which I support my brother in whichever season is upon us: soccer, basketball, or golf.

Other routines I have recently partaking in are workout Wednesdays (supporting my need for exercise and my best friend’s need to get out of the house) and craft nights (supporting my coworker/friends’ ongoing projects and my want to create ongoing projects for myself).

All of these activities are based around support systems. We motivate one another towards specific goals, while also working towards some of our own. I will admit, I knit during the majority of sporting events, but that doesn’t take away from my also keeping my focus on the game or match at hand while also yelling obscenities at the referees and opponents.

For craft and workout nights, the results are immediate for myself and my colleagues. But what do I get for supporting my loved ones at things such as sporting events? Honestly, this is something I have never thought about before, because the fun and excitement have always suppressed such a question.

But, it doesn’t take me long to come up with an answer.

Tim (the boyfriend) starting playing hockey just a few months back. he started ice skating just shortly before that. Hockey is something he has dreamed of partaking in since he was little. expensive equipment and other circumstances barred him from participating as a youngun, but his want to fulfill a dream – a physical dream that could have been nulled with age and fear – trumped many things. Now he is learning it, living it, and loving it.

Yes, i know this is the long answer, but it is my blog (tehehe).

Short answer: Just to see these people in my life happy and doing what they love. That is all I need.

AND that is why hockey is my church. What is yours?

❤ The Roamin Twin


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