Living UNapologetically

If you know me, you know that I am BIG on making people happy. Thus, I have acquired this skill of apologizing for everything.

Yes, I refer to it as a skill. Why? Because it makes me feel better about myself.

But, when something goes wrong or someone gets upset – even at things that happen organically – I feel the need to apologize. This tends to get on my loved ones’ nerves, but it is a natural reaction for me, a compulsion, really.

And it does not mean that I live apologetically.

In fact, I live rather UNapologetically. – I apologize for the incessant use of the term. This is due to laziness and lack of imagination on my part. However, this incessantly-used form of the word (apologize) is what I need to get my point across. And I will NOT apologize for that!


Well, I make sure to live without regret. I don’t apologize for my decisions – unless they harm others – nor do I apologize for my life, both where I am headed and where I have been. I apologize for those situations in which I cannot help those around me. Where something upsets them and it is out of my hands.

Should I apologize less? Maybe. It shouldn’t be a compulsive thing, it should come from the soul.

But other than that, I live UNapologetically.

And you should join me.

And this was just word vomit. If anyone can translate it, please help me out and maybe I can edit this to something helpful.

I am sorry.

❤ The Roamin Twin


3 thoughts on “Living UNapologetically

  1. I love your ideas, really. The idea of you bringing happiness unto others through your words is truly inspiring. Favor: I would love to work on a collaboration one time! The spread of happiness throughout this site would be a blessing.xx

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