My Horoscope

Before I get into this: yes, I think Horoscopes are hogwash. Unless they speak to me. Then they are profound, and I can continue to justify my subscription to the daily horoscopes sent straight to my phone.

This past week – on March 13th, specifically – my horoscope spoke to me.

Aries Mar 13 2013 
Do you see the world – or, more specifically, YOUR world – as a warm and wonderful place? Do you see it as a place where opportunities pop up at every turn, and where there is always some blessing to be grateful for? Or, do you see your world as a place of endless disappointments, unconquerable challenges, and potential unhappiness? If you’ve chosen the latter (and it is a choice), then you need to switch gears. Your success this year will be dictated primarily by the way you see your world, and your determination to have what you want.

WHAaAaAaA?!?!?! Happiness is a choice?

This is something that I have believed for a long time. You could argue that *things* make you happy, but can an outside force really MAKE you feel anything? If my friends makes me happy, it is because I have made the decision to hold on to that friendship and make it work. It is because I have made a every decision leading up to that person, or that moment in which I am happy.

This also means that if I am in a downer mood, I can also work to turn it around. I understand that people experience bad moods, but how weak are you that you let that bad mood control you, your thoughts, and your actions? It’s called will power, and you can’t be lacking in it to make yourself happy. It is a challenge, but it is well worth it to enjoy this ONE life that you are given.

I am sorry. I need to use more “I” messages and less “you” messages. I am not attacking you, I promise.

I just know – from personal experience – that happiness can be achieved by anyone, including you. I am telling you that I believe in you. Take charge of your life and your happiness.

Then pass it on.

❤ The Roamin Twin


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