Memory Lane


I spent part of my Saturday night taking a stroll down Memory Lane. A local scrapbook store opens its doors on Friday and Saturday nights for customers to gather, craft, and utilize the store’s resources. A couple coworkers and myself make it a point to attend once a month.

I have so many photos I could scrapbook, but even with the built-in time, I have no drive to do that.

And, in decluttering my life (and room, in anticipation of moving out of my parents’ home) I have started placing like items in the same area, so they each have their own spot. Greeting cards are something that didn’t have their own space. Years and years of cards. Disheveled. Torn envelopes. Bent corners. Birthday. Christmas. Easter. Graduation. Cards from friends and family, current and lost.

Cards are the best kind of memory lane.

And they are the friend that I spent my Saturday night with. Sure, there was hope that I would find a stray $20 stuck in a Confirmation card, but just reading the sweet words and well wishes from loved ones was enough (which is good, because no money was found).

And now they are organized by occasion and year, neatly stacked and placed on binder rings. Now I can read them no matter the occasion, and they will bring a smile or a tear.

Regardless, I will be happy.

❤ The Roamin Twin


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