Anxiety is Overrated

The last 2 Mondays, my life has been ridden with anxiety.

And I’m not an anxious or paranoid person, by any means. But, life changes have become pretty iffy for me.

Today, there were 2 things making my stomach churn:
1. The decision to choose the “right” apartment complex and turn in my very first rental application
2. My decision to make a life change and join a 90 day fitness challenge

The apartment decision was down to 2 possibilities, and I just had the toughest time choosing, because they are both pretty ideal. Yes, I have lived outside my home before – I attended college half way across the country – but I have been home for nearly 2 1/2 years now, and have been living with my family. It is a wonderful living situation, and very comfortable. But that is just it – it is comfortable. Once I hear my mind saying that, I switch out of reminiscent mode and into “get the heck outta dodge” mode. I love my family, and I have loved my time with them, but if I don’t cut the cord soonly, I will live at home forever.

I will be happy regardless. And I will be damn happy with my apartment of choice as well – as long as my application goes through :/


The 90 day challenge…GASP! I have been in the market to transform my body for a long time. It has really driven me to times of unnecessary anxiety and sadness, and it’s time for me to love myself. It doesn’t hurt that there are cash prizes and trips involved. Also, it involves an online support system and workout/food logs, and is totally free! My boyfriend and I have decided to do this together, make it a fun challenge, and to (hopefully) win something along the way.

I wish I could make every challenge as fun.

Actually, maybe I can. And you can too! Let that be our collective goal as we wrap up this Monday, and keep it in mind any time we face a challenge.

It’s 2013. Live honestly. Live fruitful. Don’t be a passive party to your own life.

❤ The Roamin Twin

2 thoughts on “Anxiety is Overrated

    • I will probably be changing up my routine a couple of times during the 90 days (I get burnt out easily on one thing), but my starter is one by Lindsay Kaye on I combine her workout schedule with the eating plan of one of the winners of the BSN Challenge 2012 on the same website, and I incorporate more lunges, squats, and abs. The 90 day contest is BSN’s Summer Shred Challenge and thanks for the motivating words!

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