Site Header

What the hee haw does the title of this post mean?

It means it’s about just that: this site’s header. The picture that you see when you open the page for the first time. Sometimes, the last thing you see before you leave the site.

I just changed the header picture about 3 minutes ago. This photograph is very important and symbolic to me, and here’s why:

It was in the early days of 2011, and, after realizing a dream of mine in 2009 to become a filmmaker, I was in my mecca, the helm of successful independent filmmaking: Sundance Film Festival.

I was sitting in a small room, waiting on a panel of speakers to arrive. After hours of waiting, and in my boredom, I looked up. That is all it took.

So, in other words, stop and smell the roses sometimes. Or just get bored and stare at the ceiling.

There was one single star cut out amongst all of the beautiful antique ceiling appliques. One. This is a moment in my life where one stopped being a symbol of loneliness. The star by itself did not look lonely surrounded by squares. It looked fancy in comparison to the squares. It was brilliant and stood out.

And, like this star, I want to stand out amongst the squares.

Take a look at this photo. What might it mean for you?

❤ The Roamin Twin


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