Eating Happy

In the wake of this whole “90 day plan” that I am partaking on, I have really been educating myself on nutrition. Sure, someone can tell me what to eat to lose weight or to tone up, but food means so much more. It gets me through my day and – if I choose the right stuff – it is nutrient rich to give my body what it needs.

And each person is different when it comes to what they need to eat for their ideal body and how their body reacts to foods. This is why you should read multiple publications to get a good mix of information.

What I am mainly focusing on for this 90 day plan is foods that will help make me happy and energized.

Of course, bakery items make me happy, but that is just a personal emotional attachment. Not the chemical kind.

To prepare for my lifestyle change (and it is a change that I need to make a habit), I read articles like the one below by Greatist (and subscribe to their awesome daily newsletter) because I want to make sure I am not depriving myself of the nutrients needed to get me through the day on a high and happy note.

Do YOU eat happy?

❤ The RoaminTwin


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