Successful Optimism with The School of Life

Thanks to my lack-of-attention when I need it most (I am a procrastinator til the very end, and proud!), I have run across a lot on the internets. One of the most recent things I have found is the School of Life. This school actually has 2 branches; one in Australia, and one in England (le sigh…my dream location).

However, they also post many of their lectures and summaries on the internet, so you don’t have to be there in person to retrieve the lessons. ‘How to be a Successful Optimist’ really caught my eye, so I read the most recent post of that series, ‘The Final Principle’.

I would have to both agree and disagree with this article. Agree on the stance that cynicism cannot be a part of moving forward with an optimistic life. Disagree with the ‘TRY’ part. In saying ‘I will try’, you are leaving room for error.


You have one life to live – as have I – and it’s time to live that life to the best of your ability.

Will mistakes happen? Yes. But mistakes and failures will come more frequently when ‘try’ is placed into the vocabulary.

So, I challenge you – as I challenge myself – to not use the word ‘try’.

Or, at least try.

❤ The Roamin Twin

Part 8 of the article, as well as links to the previous 7 principles, can be found here:


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