“New” Ways to Be Happy

Oprah has come out with “7 New Ways to Be Happy”. They are:

1.  Life has a purpose.
2.  Inner happiness can’t be taken away.
3.  In place of consumerism, you can base everyday happiness on relationships.
4.  In place of distractions, you can fill your time with activities that make your heart grow.
5.  You can find a place beyond fear that crises and anxiety cannot touch.
6.  You can find a place of peace that stress cannot wear out.
7.  Wellness will make your body happy.

(This is all I am going to chalk up from this piece. Full article can be found here – http://www.oprah.com/spirit/7-New-Ways-to-Be-Happy#ixzz2PzM3UA1K ).

I thought this sounded like a fabulous subject to read about, considering the subject matter of my blog, and was ready for Oprah to enlighten me. And what I read was underwhelming.

A nice reminder, maybe. But I read reminders every single day. What was so NEW about this article? These are all subjects that have been explored in the way of happiness. Heck, I have touched on most of them, and this is a fairly young outlet.

But, let these be a reminder to you. And seek happiness as you would like to seek it. Happiness is not the same for each individual, nor can the way it be sought the same.

So, thank you, Oprah, for reminding us to stay on track, for motivating us even, but this idea of seeking happiness is as old as humanity.

Well, shoot, was that kind of negative? Eh, just read back over Oprah’s 7 New Ways to Be Happy 🙂

❤ The Roamin Twin


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