Feelin’ It

I am feelin’ it.

I am sore all over. But not in a “hurty” way. My shoulders, back, quads, biceps, abs (yes, I know they exist within the mush because they are sore).

And I won’t complain about this kind of soreness. I won’t wince or limp or bitch.

Because it means that everything is working correctly. It means that I am in tune to getting in shape. One of the best feelings in the world: just feeling at all. It makes me happy to feel different parts of my body working, making me realize how awesome the human body actually is.

So, I know it may seem like a chore – and that this has been a message before – but MOVE. If you want the longest, highest quality life you can have, MOVE.

Challenge yourself, and you will accomplish things you could neve have dreamed.

Happiness is waiting.

❤ The Roamin Twin


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