The Sweetest Thing

I know you all have dreams and wishes.

I know it. And I think that dreaming and wishing is inherent, no matter nature or nurture. It runs in human veins. It’s got to.

And I know a lot of you – including myself – have either put yours on hold, or put the kibosh on them all together (thanks, dad, for that vocabulary word).

Well, it’s time for all of us to put the kibosh on our kiboshing.

My grandma was planning on renewing her vows with my grandpa this summer, around July 4th (his birthday). He has been sick, and as his health has declined, she came to the “sensible” conclusion that if it didn’t happen, then, basically, Oh Well. Last weekend she mentioned this wish to her sister while she was in town, and they went ahead and partook in a vow renewal.

Grandpa passed away this morning. And they renewed their vows on one of the last days that he recognized her. This, to me, is the sweetest thing.

And it is giving me a swift kick in the behind to work on my dreams and wishes.

Won’t you join me?

❤ The Roamin Twin

I am still wearing my Monsters Inc. pin for you, grandpa. I hope it is peaceful and beautiful. I love you.


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