My brother, far right

My brother, far right

I have failed you this week, Happy People!

You see, life sometimes gets in the way of what we love the most.

And for that I am truly sorry. All I can do, is pick back up where I left off: writing about the lifestyle/quest that is happiness.

One of the reasons I have been slacking in writing for all of us, is because of my brother (yes, something I can legitimately blame him for). The last few weeks have been post-season for high school golf, and that darned kid just kept advancing! This week, in fact, was the State Tournament, and what do you know, we found ourselves 2 1/2 hours away watching my brother golf with the state’s best.

And he golfed the worst he has all year.

There was no club throwing or stomping around. There was no yelling at the ball to “HIT THE TREE!” (at least, not from him). There was no crying or screaming, and his head didn’t exercise itself 360 degrees from hours of head shaking.

Knowing he was inwardly frustrated, we expected a little more of a BANG at the end when he finished and let out all of the anger he had accumulated over 2 days of golfing sub par (badum-tish).

It never happened.

Instead, he ate lunch with our family, then walked back out to the far reaches of the course to watch a fellow teammate finish the last couple of holes. In his drive to find and cheer on a comrade, he distracted himself from any kind of tantrum that could-have-been, and ultimately avoided it all together when the boys were back at the club house oohing and aahing over the champion scores (4 of the top 15 were itty bitty freshmen!), laughing and just goofing off after such a successful year.

So, make sure you have people in your life that will be there for you and with you in times of struggle or disappointment. People who will not just distract you from those times, but will bring a whole new light on the matter at hand. Because in all reality, it was just another golf tournament. A practice round for the ones to come.

But those friends of his will stick around past that tournament. I just hope he offers the same relief for them.

Surround yourself in love and things don’t seem so bad, happy people!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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