Your Able Body

Isn’t your body amazing? It moves you, enables you, guides you, and protects you. So, isn’t it time you showed it a little respect?

Enough with the “I’m too fat”s, “I’m too thin”s, the “I wish I looked like him/her”s, and the “I wish I weren’t so ugly”s.

We live in a very body conscious society, and, I am here to tell you: all of our perceptions are warped. Our minds have been programmed to focus on what is wrong, what should be changed, what should be fixed. Really, we should just be thinking over and over about how grateful we are for what we are given that works.

What do you love about YOUR body? Full mobility? Your Momma’s dimples? Your Daddy’s toes?

If we could program ourselves to look at the positive – our movers, shakers , and biggest protectors – we could change the world. Positive self-thoughts could lead to positive and healthy attitudes to/about others and the world around us. Just think of a world with compliments, smiles and laughs abound: pretty wonderful, right?

Now, I am not saying that I actively thank The Lord every day for my body, but I should. And you should too (or your parents, science, whatever you attribute such a phenomenon to).

I will start right now: I am thankful for my full range-of-motion. My dad’s calf muscles. My mom’s big brown eyes. My perky little nose, thick eyelashes, and strength. My thick, curly hair, weird toes, and strong nails. My silly laugh, chubby cheeks, and big mouth (all the better to EAT you with, my darling…or to talk a LOT. With my mouth full of delicious grub).

What about your body are you thankful for? You have permission to be vain, but include abilities too (I can do a mean back bend and tongue clam and I can wiggle my eyes real fast!)!

Now, join me in being thankful as much as you can remember, OK?

❤ The Roamin Twin

4 thoughts on “Your Able Body

  1. This post was wonderful to read! This post made me feel empowered to look for the things I like about myself instead giving into the obsessive need to find what I need to fix about myself. It’s exhausting to live this way and I think I am over that. I am realizing that it is a choice that has become automatic after so many years of making it’s something that can be worked on. And by looking for the things I like about myself now is definitely a great start. Thanks you so much for this 🙂

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