The Brits

Have you ever bee enamored with something: person, place, or thing?

Welp, I am going to let you in on a little secret today. I am going to reveal what I am most enamored with; something that NO ONE knows…

I love all things BRITISH!

…OK, so basically everyone who has ever known me in any capacity knows that. And now you do too! Don’t you just love that we are getting to know one another?

I had the pleasure of studying in London one summer in college and it was splendid. I vowed I would go back once a year…it has been nearly 4. Wah wah WAHHHH.

So, I fill my time and my home with British-y things (I know you British people are probably thing “Whattttttt???”Β But just hear me out, please?)

One of my favorite restaurants when I go back to San Diego is called Shakespeare’s. Owned by Brits. It is like stepping into a British Pub. I celebrated my graduation AND my recent engagement there. I have been gifted tea sets, and British tea, and a tea pot that looks like Big Ben…a little smaller in stature. When I am in a certain college town near by, I frequent their store called Brits for British candies, spreads, and a look-see at film titles and nostalgia pieces. I have a taste for a correctly prepared fish and chips, and have even taken a liking to bangers and mash. I love British accents, humor, beers, rain, and architecture (no, it isn’t solely theirs, but when I see something that reminds me of any building in England, I could probably s*** a brick I get so excited). Julie Andrews is the essence of grace and beauty, and I think we could get along pretty well as best friends. My favorite movie of all time is “Sound of Music” (going along with the Ms. Andrews love) and my life is “practically perfect in every way” – for the most part πŸ™‚

Now, imagine my surprise when I found out – a mere months after travelling to England – that my big sister in my sorority is a dual citizen in the United States and…ENGLAND! Her mom and step father are full blown British, and one of her brothers resides in the UK! HECK YES! I KNEW we were meant to be sisters! (Tehehe)

I plan on vacationing with her family in the British countryside someday…multiple times. But until then, I will take her mother’s British approval of my Beatles shoulder bag (bought at a street fair in Camden) and my “proper” “vintage-looking” “British-styled” engagement ring.

Awww yeah.

So, yeah, I am obsessed with something. At least it is not a person that I am stalking, but a whole country…right?

What are YOU obsessed with?

❀ The Roamin Twin

PS- I have a life goal of meeting with and talking to Julie Andrews, so if anyone has an in… πŸ™‚


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