First of all: I have exceeded 50 followers (insert applause)!!! Thank you so much to the followers, as well as family, friends, and others who interact and show their support through other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and in person. I am so excited that so many people are coming together to support one another in their decisions to live happy lives! Standing ovation to each of you, and thank you!


As you know, I have been working on decluttering my life a bit.

I have kept only people in my life who add to it, not only take from it. I have also organized my joint small business and my budgeting/cash flow as much as possible (for now) as it is always evolving.

Now on to stuff. This is what I first thought of when I first thought of decluttering. I was really excited and rearing to go…until I got to going through my belongings and realized: this is harder than I thought.

Yes, I have gotten rid of bins upon bins of clothes, shoes, trash, recycles, toys and more. Yet, it seems like nothing has gone. My room is more cluttered than before and I am at a stand still.

I wear my clothes (most of them) and look through my printed pictures (most of them) and read my books (most of them) and am saving my toys for when I babysit and future children (most of them). I love my tea set and am saving my office supplies for a real home office some day. All of those tshirts are for a tshirt quilt and those two bins of “things” in the corner? Those are all items that I can use when I move out!

OK, so I don’t need all the toys and clothes, not all of the shirts will fit on a quilt, and those “things” will just turn into clutter no matter where I end up.

So, going into this “new” wave of decluttering (post work trip, family emergencies, and a week long vacation), I am going to use THIS mantra:

It is not about what you have, but what you gain from it.

Not a direct quote. An idea that popped into my head reading an article of a completely different name and subject.

I don’t need all of these THINGS to make me happy. I need experiences (OK, and pictures of them. I am a photographer-by-night, so they are my favorites). I need people (and alone time). I need a space to call my own (check). And, I WANT some things (that tea set REALLY makes me happy).

What do you gain from your possessions? Are there some items you can stand to let go of? What if someone else can gain an abundance from items that you no longer can gain from?

Let’s get happier, Happy People!

❤ The Roamin Twin


2 thoughts on “Gain

  1. I’m speechless with cheer! Fantastic that you have tapped into this concept at an early age! I follow several blogs written by folks slightly ahead of you on this path and they are living wonderful, experience rich lives! Check out Warren and Betsy at and Gigi Griffis at They’ll light your fire! There are just tons of folks out there doing exactly what you aim to do! I look forward to watching your progress!

    • Thank you so very much! I know it’s a process, but it is so much fun and rewarding that it doesn’t seem like work at all to improve myself and help others!

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