Late Start

The other morning I woke up.

Quite a standard procedure.

I immediately texted my office mates, told them I would be in an hour later, and promptly fell back to sleep.

Why was I not upset with my decision?

Because I was tired. Tired — for me at least — equals cranky. It also equals (excessive) daydreaming and my own Roamin Twin form of ADD (no, this is not a diagnosis, this is my mind running from one subject to the next. Quickly. And without warning).

Am I proud that I slept in? No. But am I HAPPY that I slept in? Yes.

Because, as with all things (weight loss, healthy eating, healthy attitudes, healthy relationships): it is better late than never.

And it is better late as to not have to run across cranky me. I promise.

What have YOU decided to put a late start on…and actually acted on that late start?

Happy Friday, Happy People!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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