The Roamin Twin and her Dad

This is a special post. I would have given it a special posting date – this Sunday, a day to celebrate dads, a day I don’t usually post – but, I would rather everyone be somewhere with their dads on that day instead of reading my measly little blog.


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY (two days early)

Though we should appreciate our fathers every day of the year, Father’s Day is a reminder to me (just like my little blog posts), about that all-important role model in my life. He coached my siblings and I in nearly every sport (drew the line at cheerleading in high school, but he can tie the PERFECT hair bow), pushes us to do our best in and outside of the classroom, stresses loyalty and respect in EVERY aspect of life, and has taught me by example in so many areas that he probably isn’t even aware of. The name he has made for himself by his peers over the years, as well as the respect he has earned, has led to countless others recounting stories of my dad and how wonderful he is, even when  I am not within ear shot. He and my mom have provided countless opportunities for me, as well as the basic necessities to keep me around, and for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful that he has yet to kick me out of his home. Don’t worry, dad! I am getting close, I promise!

I hope that one day I can golf like him, grow as tall as him, and be as funny as him. Until then, I will just be a witness to his greatness and annoy him to no end 🙂

Which is why I thought to myself: What better way to celebrate my dad than to grill him on the subject of HAPPINESS? Of course, he is a man of very few words, but I squeezed main points out of him.

And now, for some sage advice from the man who made me who I am today…

What does happiness mean to you?
Family comfort, Activities, Financial comfort, Respect 

What would your best day be? Does what you want to do on Father’s Day differ?
A relaxing, do-what-you-want day.  Father’s Day differs only in that the US Open Golf Final Round is on that day and I like watching at least some. 

How has ‘happiness’ evolved for you over the years?
It evolves with responsibility.  At first is what you want to do, then you may have a spouse and do things together.  When children are added it morphs again, maybe taking you back to enjoy Disneyland from a young perspective again watching them. 

Is ‘happy’ better now than it was when you were younger?
I believe family is always better.  Perspective is different with a spouse and kids and you enjoy sharing with them more than by yourself or with friends.  The respect of caring more about their happiness is at a different, higher level. 

What makes you happy?
Not stressing over the issues of my immediate or extended world.  Being able to enjoy all the good. 

What message(s) do you have for people seeking happiness?
Main thing is to respect  family, friends and co-workers you are surrounded with and their particular situations. 

What do you hope to do going forward to make yourself happy?
Support my family emotionally and financially because I know I will get it back without hesitation. 

Any additional advice you want to leave?
Respect others, Hang Loose and Peace on Earth!!! 

❤ The Roamin Twin and her Dad

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