There was an Old Lady…

When I started going to the post office every day at my current place of employment, I would pass an older couple and their graying dog on a walk. The man and the woman were stooped over and took tiny steps, but they were quick and not a day would go by that I wouldn’t see them on this walk.

Soon, I saw only the older lady and her graying dog. I was sad for her, but it made me so happy to see her continue the walk with her dog every darn day.

A couple months ago, the dog stopped going on walks with the woman. She was walking with a cane, but, boy was she still out there! And today I saw her: no cane, a little less slouched, with a sweat band on her head: she was on a mission!

I think what I am trying to get at – besides sharing with you what little I know of this sweet old woman – is that, through the loss of her walking partners, at least one constancy for her is walking. And she continues.

I have had loss in my life: family members and friends. I have been sad, and really, when things like that happen, my entire world is overturned. I lose motivation and fall out of my routine.

But what I see in her is independence, determination, and persistence. All qualities I want to see in myself, but that I know I lose sometimes. She reminds me that I can weather it all, and come out stronger in the end.

And that a little old lady could probably beat me in a foot race.

❤ The Roamin Twin


4 thoughts on “There was an Old Lady…

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! It was exciting to see a comment so fast.

    This post is inspiring… my initial response is to be sad, but I know that what you are saying is that even amidst terribly sad things (like death of loved ones) it is possible to go on and not be taken over by grief. This is what I am trying to practice.

    Thanks so much!

    • Thank YOU so much! I really like your blog, and love to interact with people who write so well. Thanks for the comment back. It is always nice to get feedback and realize that I am not alone in the quest for happiness 🙂

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