Finally. Finally…finally.

I FINALLY accomplished some things that I have been meaning to do for–quite literally–months. As I sat down for some alone time to continue editing photographs from a shoot, I noticed all of the edits sitting on my desktop. Pictures I flagged to be some of the best of our work in the last year or so. Pictures that needed watermarked. Pictures I was too lazy to watermark. Pictures that were supposed to be uploaded onto our website…6 months ago!

I would love to say things got in the way:

My brother’s sporting games
Timmykin’s hockey schedule
Photo shoots – what this website is centered around
Funerals and family emergencies
Oh, and that whole getting engaged thing —planning has become a full time job, on top of my full time job, on top of my part time job, interests, and hobbies. WHAT?!?!

Regardless, I put it off so much that I plum forgot.

So, I added the watermark to around 200 photos. Took those photos to my website guy (who just happens to be Timmykins!–convenience where I was otherwise excusing myself). Narrowed those photos down even further. And UPDATED.

6 months of putting something off is REALLY not worth it. That could have been done 1/2 a year ago! Jiminy!

I also finished another personal-ish project of mine that I should have completed a month ago. Small, but I feel sooo relieved to have completed it.

Accomplishment is a big word that can be applied to any size task, dream, or goal. The only advice I can give on this one is: Just. Do. It.

What have YOU been meaning to accomplish? What is holding YOU back?

Happy Thursday, Happy People!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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