My Parents

It was my 15th birthday. My twin sister had made me a small scrapbook of some of her favorite photos of us from the last 15 years, centered around the song ‘100 Years’ by Five For Fighting. It was cute, and of course I wanted to show it off, so I took it to play practice.

As it was getting passed around, I heard a bit of a yelp from one of the senior girls.

“Is that your MOM?!? She is BEAUTIFUL!”

Uh, what?

I turned the book to see what she was looking at, and sure enough, there was a picture of myself, my sister, and my mom. I believe I was four at the time the picture was taken, and although I don’t have that photograph with me at this time, here is a picture of she and my dad from a couple years prior:


I just adore that picture, don’t you?

Anyways, as I looked a little longer at the picture, I realized that she IS beautiful. It’s nothing that had ever crossed my mind before. She is my mom. She is my caretaker. She is my taxi, support, photographer, chef, and everything in between. But never once had I thought of the word ‘beautiful’ simultaneously with my mom. Heck, I KNOW I look like her, and I had never thought of myself as beautiful.

And, unfortunately, it took a third party to point it out. But thank goodness she did. In those few moments, my mom became beautiful to me. And she has been beautiful ever since.

Many people don’t get to the point of regarding their parents in this way. They are life-givers, and for crying out loud…they are OLD (they are older than me, therefore they are old). I have had the privilege of seeing them as not just parents, but beautiful people, since I was merely 15-years-old, and my respect and love for my parents has grown exponentially since.

Do we always get along? No. But that is how families are. They know what buttons to push and when because they are so close. But the love is unconditional and our apologies aren’t superfluous: they run deep.

My mom is beautiful. My dad is beautiful (coughhandsomecough). And together they have built a home of trust, loyalty, and love. A beautiful home.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Image^Dad NEVER dances. But doesn’t it looks so natural with them?

❤ The Roamin Twin

3 thoughts on “My Parents

  1. This is a perfect tribute, E. Your mom is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known. And your dad is beautiful on the INSIDE, even though he doesn’t want any of us to know it!

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