My Daily Intentions

Good Morning, All!

Today’s post is inspired by a post I read in the last couple of days by Check it out, it is wonderful!

Today, I intend to:

*  Make healthy choices in ALL aspects of my life
*  Do my personal best in everything I set out to do
*  Meditate/Pray for my loved ones, and absolutely nothing
*  Not let anger, sadness, or indifference get the best of me
*  Spread happiness in all I say, do, and don’t do

Now it’s YOUR turn! What are YOUR intentions for today? They can be broad guidelines to apply to every day (much like mine) or they can be personal to-do lists. They can even be individual prayers, if that is that you like! Your intentions are what you make of them, because it is fully your decision how you will act today!

Choose well, Choose you. Choose HAPPINESS!

Happy Wednesday, Happy People!

❤ The Roamin Twin


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