Step in Time

Above is the brand new trailer for Disney’s ‘Saving Mr. Banks’.

Boy, does it make ME happy.

Those of you who know me may know how big of a Julie Andrews fan I am. And Disney fan. And one of the reasons that I love her so is due to her role as Mary Poppins. It is a splendid story that I have adored since childhood, and now the history behind it will be unveiled in this new movie. I. SO. ESSITED.

What movie makes you feel like a little kid? What movie do you love that is so full of lessons for children AND adults alike?

Mine is ‘Mary Poppins’. And I just cannot wait until Christmastime for this new movie 🙂

❤ The Roamin Twin

3 thoughts on “Step in Time

  1. I would have to say for many reasons, one being fun entertainment, is the Disney movie “The Kid” (The Bruce Willis one where he isn’t trying to save the world, just himself…), about losing touch with dreams and finding them again. It will not win any awards, it just makes me happy.

    • Hey, I am not looking for Oscar contenders here. Those tend to be uppity, where they try and make their point, but stay in the confines of Oscar contention. We should hold the Happiness Movie Awards (working title)! What do you think? Thanks for sharing!

      • Ha, I agree (I have enough real life and love to trail off to worlds imagined with messages simple and strong) – Happiness Movie Awards is a brilliant plan! Your next creation perhaps?

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