UnPLUG. Unwind?

Hello Happy People!

It has been a rough couple of weeks, so I do so very much apologize for not being as on top of my blogging. I blog about happiness, and when someone is living in a daze, it’s difficult to preach happiness, let alone fully feel it.

So, this weekend couldn’t have come soon enough.

I am “unplugging”, and (hopefully) unwinding.

I am almost done with some final work projects and then I am hitting the road for a three day weekend and…my first float trip. I am a little nervous, as I have never been a huge fan of camping – and not showering – but I am excited for the group I will be there with, and for the idea of not having cell service or a computer to access.

Because when those are around, I tend to fill silence with tweet scrolling, Facebook stalking, and answering work emails. But this weekend I will have to fill silence with relaxing, and good conversation, and antics.

I am finally allowing myself to look past the work and get excited.

My challenge for you: those with free will to abuse your phone or “unuse” it, turn it off for a day…or maybe the WHOLE weekend! 

You will join me, right?

Have a Happy Weekend, Happy People, and look forward to a post next week all about HUGS! I am excited for this one 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin


2 thoughts on “UnPLUG. Unwind?

  1. Personally I feel like unplugging yourself from the busy world or your work life is very beneficial. I find myself on my phone most of the time when i should be enjoying other peoples company. Family for instance, I should be spending quality time with them instead of texting people or being a Facebook stalker. Soon enough, maybe sometime this weekend, I’m going to unplug myself from the social world for a day. unwinding is the greatest thing you can do when your just overwhelmed with everything. Take a break, like you said unplug and unwind. Yes, i will take this challenge. It is going to be a difficult task but im willing to experience the fun you can have while not being on your phone. I feel like being on your phone for business reasons produces stress. My brother for example, he uses his phone for work and he is always on it. Even if he is suppose to be having fun with his friends, his business always interferes. I can tell that beneath that smile he has, he is stressing more than ever. I’m not saying to cut off your career or work completely. Just for a day, like you said, it would be very helpful. The human body cant take too much stress, its not good at all. When the human body goes under a lot of stress, it can lead to heart problems. My mother ended up in the hospital because she was under a lot of stress. I will take this challenge to unplug and unwind this weekend.

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