THE Challenge

Quick Note: 100 posts!!! WOW! I didn’t know I had it in me! Thank you so much for joining me on our journey of happiness thus far, and I hope you will continue onward!

Alright, on to the nitty gritty:

I am always up for a challenge.

And, honestly, I haven’t been challenging myself enough lately.

So, a couple evenings ago, I had a conversation with Timmykins that went a bit like this:

Me: So, this wedding. I want to be able to afford it.

T: We will be fine.

Me: I want to be more than fine. How about we see who can save the most money between now and December (31st)?

T: You will win.

I don’t make as much as he does, but he has more expenses than I do at this point, so I understand what he is saying. 

Me: Well, let’s try it! It can’t hurt…

I think that is where the conversation ended. But that is not where the idea nor the challenge ended. I am not letting this one go.

And I need your help.

I need you to hold me accountable, to motivate me. I know that I can become more relaxed with the idea of being able to pay for a wedding without spending every penny I have, but it will take a lot of hard work and determination in the mean time.

And, since I am challenging him, I don’t think I will be getting much support from Timmykins 😛

Do you need motivation and accountability in the way of a challenge? Let me know and I will get on YOUR support bandwagon too!

❤ The RoaminTwin

PS–Any ideas on how to make extra money for me? I will do all I can in the way of saving, but that might not get me to pass Timmykins! I love arts and crafts, people, getting rid of my “junk” and photography. What else can I do? Thanks 🙂


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