Blog Challenge: Day 1

Happy Thursday, All!

Starting today (a few days late of the “official” start date) I will be partaking in a 30 Day Blog Challenge.

I guess my week is just FULL of challenges, isn’t it? 🙂

I started this blog as a reminder to myself of happiness in the big AND small things in life. Thankfully, it has begun to grow into a community of people working for happiness in their own lives and supporting one another, and I am SO grateful for this opportunity to interact with you all!

The more stories I have shared, advice I have written, and questions I have asked, the greater my “Oomph!!” (desire) to continue to spread the idea of happiness as THE journey of life to every corner of the world. Though I enjoy where I am at in life at this moment, if I could, I would pick up and leave today to travel, speak, share, and live a life of happiness.

That would leave me jobless. And broke.

At least at this point.

My hope now is that this blog challenge (led by Natalie Sisson at will inspire me to move towards a handful of my BIGGER goals that have otherwise fallen by the wayside. Maybe even dreams that haven’t been realized yet. All of this alongSIDE the savings challenge between myself and Timmykins (you will be my cheerleader, right?)

Even though we are a little late on the uptake, you can join me on this challenge HERE!

And/or, just keep coming back to see what kind of opportunity this happiness journey o’ mine might turn into.

The possibilities are endless…

Happy Thursday, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin


19 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Day 1

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