Blog Challenge: Day 4

Happy Sunday, Happy People!!!

Thank you so much for continuing to join me on not only my lifelong journey of happiness, but also this 30 day blog challenge! I hope you are enjoying the process-and maybe even answering the questions on your own-as much as I am!

I just want to take a moment to reflect on the last 24+hours and how happy they have made me. It started with J&T’s baby shower yesterday, followed by an interview (that I feel I ROCKED by the way :)), a baseball game with friends (and my first tailgate EVER…weeeeeeee!), and joyous news followed by excitement I just cannot contain! Today was my first venture into wedding dress shopping with a sample sale. Bad news: what was on sale doesn’t carry the ethereal whimsy I am looking for for my big day (sounds stupid, but I have this vision…). Good news: I made an appointment to go back with my mom and my MOH on Wednesday. Time to turn down the volume on the voice in my head that makes fun of me when I try on clothes so i can say YES to a dress!

I hope that your weekend has been just as splendid, and maybe you will share what has made you happy in the last 24-48 hours?

Back to business…

Today’s Question: What is your definition of location independence?

A: Location independence is the ability to travel the world, sometimes on a whim, or live where I want without being “tied down” while also making an ample living. I don’t want to be a world explorer living off of daddy’s money, nor do I feel like living poor is the way to go. While I am young it seems fine, but I need to save so I can live comfortably later in life. I want to be able to visit friends and family and come and go as I-and they- please. I want to be able to be in the lives of those I love when they need me and spend time with them while I still can. It means that where I work and play can be the same place and my location is flexible to where I want to be.

What is YOUR definition of location independence?

❤ The RoaminTwin



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