Blog Challenge: Day 9 & TGIF!

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the tardiness of this post to the party. I wrote this LOOONG post yesterday to post today, and when I went back to make a few edits today, BAM! Only the first couple of short paragraphs were saved.

I have come to the conclusion that some higher power is telling me “STHU! No one wants to read your crap!” Well, I will write it. Maybe a little more condensed. You can read what/if you want 🙂

Happy FRIDAY, Happy People!

Is it just me, or did this week seem to last an eternity?? Apparently getting no sleep in the middle of the week wreaks havoc on my sleep schedule for the remainder of the week. You live, you learn. And, boy, am I learning through this 30 Day Blog Challenge! Don’t know what this is referring to?? Check out my first post of this series HERE!

If you are enjoying the Blog Challenge material, stop by my twin sister’s BLOG! We are answering the same questions separately to see how similar our answers are!

Question for day #9: Whose online business do you admire most and why?

Answer: I want to start out by saying that I admire a LOT of people for their online entrepreneurial-ship. It is amazing what people can do with a computer and an imagination!

An online business at the tippy top of my admiration list, would be Andrea Owen’s

This woman has taken her insecurities, shared them with the world, then found ways to get over those insecurities and be the best version of herself. The cherry on top is that now she runs an online business to help others kick their insecurities in the ass!

Let’s face it, we ALL have insecurities! If this woman got one thing right in getting the ball rolling on her dreams/personal business, it was to have a passion to work on something that EVERYONE goes through. From there, she covers all the bases in social media and offers a variety of paid offers as well as free content. This woman is nothing short of amazing, so check her out!

I know that whatever I choose to go for dream-wise will bring me happiness, which is why I am partaking in this challenge. I am stepping out of my comfort zone, and you should join me!

What are YOU passionate about? You know working with your passion(s) towards your dreams will bring you happiness. And, that’s what this blog is all about, right? (Right, I am writing it)

❤ The RoaminTwin



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