Day 16: MY Employees?!?!

Happy Friday (FINALLY) once again, Happy People! I will get right to the core of today’s challenge prompt so you can get on with your WEEKEND!

If you want to check out my progress from day one, start HERE!

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Day 16 Question: How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

A: Wow, we are just moving right along, aren’t we? In the last 2 weeks I have thought for the first time about innovative material to provide for you all as well as imaginative ways to provide that for you. I have thought about monetizing while bringing you quality products. And for the very first time, I could see myself working from ANYWHERE in the world!

And now a support team? Future employees? This is so overwhelming, but not out of reach!

I will build a team that is naturally happy. I would do Skype interviews, and possibly (ideally) travel to different places to interview top candidates. It would be wonderful to bring avid readers/subscribers on board! Heck, it would be nice if I could just seek people out and have a previous relationship with them through my site! Once I know that their heads are in the right place, I would love to have weekly Skype/phone meetings, and lead by example. I can’t expect happiness from my employees if I am not completely open, honest, and positive with them.

I am sure that it will be difficult to relinquish any duties, but I will make sure development meetings draw clear plans for the next few days, weeks, maybe even months. I can do it just like I can have electronic free weekends. It will feel so freeing.

Freedom. That is what I want. Happiness. How about YOU?

❤ The RoaminTwin


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