I Found The Gown!

Hi All!

I know that this is the SECOND post for the day, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. I. FOUND. MY. WEDDING. DRESS.

And boy, does it make me happy!

ee? HAPPY! (no, this is not my dress).

2 weeks ago I went shopping for a gown for the first time. Keep in mind, I have been engaged for 3 months by this point…but I was justΒ dreading the process. I have never been a small girl, and not only are fitting rooms intimidating, but they are INFURIATING! The lighting casts a shadow that looks a lot like an excess of 30 pounds (or maybe I am 30 pounds overweight…whatever! πŸ˜› ), and every single dressing room is like, 5,000 degrees!

So, henyway…2 weeks ago when I went, I took my mom and MOH (my twin sister). I was so tired from not sleeping the night before out of pure excitement, but there was a hint of promise. And two hours later, we walked out of the shop empty handed, tired, and cranky (OK, I think I was the only cranky one).

After my experience – though not horrible, not fruitful – I decided that last Friday was going to be THE day. I had a vision, I made it clear in my mind, and I announced it to coworkers and friends alike.

Walked into the gown shop at 2pm. Was out of there by 2:30pm…gownless. They had NONE of the styles/designers the advertise, and only had 3 dresses that KIND OF went with my vision. I tried on 2 of those 3. On a whim, I called a place down the street and asked if we could head over. Their afternoon was wide open (it was a Friday early afternoon). We walked in around 2:45 and walked out by 4.

But this time, I had a HUGE smile on my face.

The whole experience was SPLENDID! My consultant, Emily, asked me what I was looking for in a dress. I gave her 3-4 descriptors, and she was off, pulling dress after dress off the racks that matched my specifications. Got into the dressing room and there were CEILING FANS (a splendid surprise on a hot summer day). When my sister asked which dress I wanted to try first, I said “This one!” tugging at the first dress Emily had pulled for me.

Once I had the dress on, I walked out to the large mirror, my mom gasped, and I spun and swooshed the dress as I beamed in the mirror. This was it πŸ™‚

After that, the dread melted away and I tried on a few other dresses just for funsies.

And I was happy. And I AM happy.

Have a happy HAPPY evening, Happy People!

❀ The RoaminTwin

Some more duds:


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