Homecoming Dream

I just had the oddest, most wonderful dream. It was one where I stayed happily confused the duration, and woke up pretty darn happy too.

I was back on my college campus, with Timmykins by my side. I knew within the dream that I had already graduated, and that the majority of my comrades had moved away from San Diego as I had. As we walked down to one of my favorite spots on campus, a coffee shop by the name of Aromas, I saw one of my freshman roommates sitting inside next to the window. I went nuts and ran in as fast as I could. As I was passing other tables on the way over to her, I noticed a friend from grade school, a couple from high school, and a few co workers sitting in the shop. After a pit stop to talk to them, I looked up and saw an uncle there who was “on a college visit” with my cousin. Then, an old high school teacher walked in, as well as other family members and college friends.

Whoah! Love overload!

This dream has arrived at a crossroads in my life. I recently got engaged in San Diego (visited my alma mater while there), attended my high school reunion and a regional alumni event, and have been watching as back-to-school photos pop up on my news feed. I also have been contemplating mine and/or Timmykins’ college homecoming weekends as of late.

So, this dream to me was the perfect homecoming. If I never make it back to my university campus during homecoming weekend, I will be OK. This dream took many of my priorities and put them in the same location…a place that I think of often.

What would YOUR perfect homecoming be? Does it make you happy?

❤ The RoaminTwin

he dream took me back HERE!


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