This post is LOOOOOONG overdue.

We are a couple of weeks into Autumn at this point, aren’t we? Well, I am FINALLY getting the chance to truly enjoy it in my every day life, and I hope you are as well!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year! I have compiled a list (which took no time at all) for why it makes me so happy. Here it does:

The air is crisp, seemingly clearer

Sunsets are more vibrant

The nights are starrier, and the stars brighter

Cuddling is a necessity

Socks and shoes are no longer my enemy. So the ones have been hiding at the bottom of my underwear drawer and closet for the past 6 or so months (4 if you live in the Midwest in the year 2013) come out to play

Just the prospect of making apple sauce and apple pie. I haven’t made either in many moons, but maybe this year…

Rebellion. When it is cold outside and I go out for ice cream anyway (which, according to my previous post-link-may be coming to a screeching halt this year. Maybe)

The sunset maple in my family’s front lawn. It makes up for the beach sunsets I am missing but once-a-year when the leaves turn a fiery red.

No longer waking up drenched like I just ran a 5k…or in my case 5 feet

The holidays are just around the corner. Which, this year, mark moderation in both eating and spending in preparation for this expensive wedding where I have to look good in those expensive pictures. Next year I can go back to gaining my yearly 5 pounds in the span of 1 month.

I would be lying if I left out pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING

But what I am really looking forward to is peppermint-flavored everything (including peppermint mochas made with dark chocolate from caribou!)

What are your favorite parts about fall? I could go on for days, but instead I am going to get shit done so I can enjoy a nice fall evening watching my brother play soccer.

❤ The RoaminTwin



2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Dear Roamin Twin ,
    In autumn I also love to have everything in pumpkin flavor. I even try my fraps from star bucks to be in pumpkin. So, in autumn I only have start bucks once a week because that is what I crave on cool autumn days. I totally agree with the fact that I am not all sweaty because the night was super hot. I also love the sunsets on fall nights better then the summer afternoons because I actually like the sunset because I am not thanking God that the sun finally went down because it was hot all day: I get to enjoy the sunset more.I also feel that the air is more clearer and crisper. The sunsets for me are more peaceful because it looks more pink and has nicer colors. I can finally put on some socks and shoes also because its not hot anymore to be wearing sandals.I also love apple pie at this time of year sometimes. I even warm up my apple pie when it is really cold. To me cold apple pie is only good on hot or warm day then when its is cold it just taste better to me warmed up. Many holidays are around the corner that I am also excited for and the fact that I can see many of my family members is always exciting. I love dressing up for Halloween and I love the whole process or brain storming what I want to be and how I am going to create the outfit I am going to use that night.
    -From Melissa V.

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