Child Labor

What makes me happy today?

My friend is in labor with her first child (got you with that title, didn’t I?).

Per my personal Facebook status: Oh my goodness! So much work to do but I can’t help getting a little side tracked thinking of [my friends] and my soon-to-be new little [baby] friend! I am in a glass case of emotion right now and may scare my coworkers with short bursts of yelling throughout the day! I love you guys!

This little girl being born means so much. She will be named after her grandfather who passed away shortly before her parents found out she was on her way. I love when people give their kids meaningful – as opposed to popular – names. Of course, I haven’t been in the position of naming a baby myself yet, but baby names have been swirling in my head as far back as I can remember.

Regardless, I am ready to meet this baby and see what she will do with this world. With parents like hers (especially her mama), she is going to be quite the fun one to watch!

Are there any little ones that bring joy to YOUR life? Please share! I get sidetracked by baby stories and pictures!

❤ The RoaminTwin


Hangin’ out with my baby friend whose birthday is TODAY!


One thought on “Child Labor

  1. Our granddaughters bring so much joy to our lives! One can not express in words the magnificent love we feel for those 4 little girls! We are incredibly blessed to be in the same town only 4 miles apart from Dana, Matt and the girls! I call them my natural anti-depressants, because no matter how down I may be, when those little ones come running in the door with their arms out wide, yelling “GRANDMA”, the sun shines and the world becomes Paradise! With their age range at 7 years, 5 1/2 years, 3 years (this month) and 12 1/2 months, we get to enjoy all stages of their young years at once! I would share pictures of them on this site, but as a good Grandma should, I would need to ask “Mommy” (Dana) first. Naturally, we think they are the most beautiful little girls in the world! Watching Dana and Matt parent these four makes us so proud and so in awe! I certainly know we can’t take all the credit for what an amazing Mommy she is! She’s far better than I ever was! And Matthew is equally amazing!
    Whether a child is one’s own off-spring, a grandchild, or a friend’s child, one can find so much beauty when looking at life through their eyes.

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