The last couple of weeks have been crazy hectic for me in my work life, and my schedule bled in to my personal life, so I apologize for the lack of posting on my end! It is such a benefit for me to be able to sit down and take the time to blog, and I have been lost without this daily routine! But I’m BA-ACK!

Today, I want to reflect a little bit on rejuvenation. According to Merriam-Webster online, “rejuvenate” means to give new strength or energy (to something).

Yes, I just gave you the dictionary definition of a word. I do this because so often I hear the term tacked onto commercials for “age-defying” creams, laser treatments, cosmetic surgeries. They merely use the word for its surface qualities, not for what it truly, deeply means.

For instance, after the past few weeks of what some might consider work hell (I consider it keeping my mind and body active, spicing things up in the work place, and job security πŸ™‚ ), I took this past weekend to do one thing: nothing. OK, there was a little activity mixed in-a trip to the ring store in search of a new wedding ring for Timmykins, a friend’s house for some football, a going away bonfire-but this weekend mainly consisted of napping, resting, and napping some more. I turned into a temporary narcoleptic and fell asleep basically everywhere I was. And you know what? I didn’t feel one pang of guilt. Still don’t. Usually, if I am that unproductive with my time out of the workplace, I go nuts on myself. I feel that if I am not multitasking all the time, I am wasting my life.

That’s not the case. And I am glad that I let myself have a rejuvenating weekend where I could recharge my batteries and get ready for the rest of life. Just because big events at work have come to a close (for the time being) doesn’t mean that everything else stops to give me a break. I had a lucky weekend πŸ™‚

And sometimes, little sparks of rejuvenation are needed throughout the week to keep me going. Is that the case for you as well? They come in many forms: from holding a baby, to hearing my favorite song on the radio, to what happened today.

Today’s happiness comes from looking forward to my engagement picture session this evening. Of course, I always love time spent with Timmykins, but this evening we are going to get dolled up to hang out, and just happen to have a photographer close by to capture it. This morning was bleak as I thought the location I have had in mind for AGES wasn’t going to work out due to closing time being well before sunset. Sunset is my favorite time of day, and I really wanted to incorporate it into the shoot. Wah wah wahhhhh.

I got a little shot of rejuvenation when I heard back from the owner of the property that it would be open late this evening. Yee haw! I get the engagement photo shoot of my dreams!

And I can’t wait to share it with the world, either.

What has been your shot of rejuvenation so far this week?

❀ The RoaminTwin

hough I am not one to like over-posed photographs, let’s hope some of tonight’s are a little more attractive…


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