Paul Rudd

Yes, you read the title right: Paul Rudd.

I have had a HUGE Hollywood crush on this man since I first saw him in person in 2007. He was sitting in front of my family in the employee section at a Chiefs game. He had a full beard, stocking cap, and big, puffy Chiefs coat. At the time, I didn’t remember his real name – just that he played Brian Fantana in ‘Anchorman’ – and I didn’t know he was from the Kansas City area. All I knew was that I recognized those eyes as Brian Fantana’s, realized he has beautiful eyes, and instantly he became my Hollywood crush (OK, one of many. But one of them).

‘m not the ONLY one! See?!

Since then, I have seen him in person at Sundance Film Festival during the premiere of ‘Our Idiot Brother’ with follow up Q&A, as well as twice during the annual Big Slick KC festivities (a weekend of celebrity FUNdraising for a local children’s hospital). And of COURSE I have gone to see every Rudd film, regardless of some sneering reviews.

This past summer, Timmykins and I went to a movie, and during the previews we saw the teaser for ‘Anchorman 2’ for the very first time. I said “I love you”, and Timmykins said, “I love you, too.” Shortly thereafter, he groaned as he realized that I was talking to Brian Fantana as he strutted out of the shadows from just off screen.

Do I want to marry Paul Rudd? No. Do I wish we were best buds? Maybe. But, I am happier every day with this school girl crush that I hold on to. And maybe it’s made up of a little admiration for a successful talent from my hometown. Or maybe it’s just those eyes.

Who is YOUR celebrity crush? Do you have more than one? Do you share one with your significant other (I, for example, share a crush with Timmykins: Ryan Reynolds. But who doesn’t…amiright?)?

Think of them as a little spark of happiness in your every day life 🙂

❤ The RoaminTwin

One of the pictures I took of Paul during last year’s Big Slick Wiffle Ball Tourney


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