Pump the Brakes

Alright, Happy People! Who wants to join me in a challenge?

A self-inflicted one, you might call it!

Last week, I paid the deposit on the food for our wedding, priced other knick-knacks such as reserved signs for the table, and bought my sister her shoes for the wedding – I am going to customize them. Pray for her! Yesterday, I found myself browsing the internets for water filters and a Victorian style retro handset for my phone.

But worst of all? I nearly clicked “Purchase” on 5 tickets to the show A Night with Julie Andrews. In May. In LONDON! My family doesn’t even have any plans to go to London EVER! Mom, if you are reading this, this WOULD be a dream come true…

So, as the title states, it’s time for me to PUMP. THE. BRAKES.

I am challenging myself to a spending freeze. My God I was going to purchase something that would entail also purchasing expensive round-trip tickets overseas and accommodations for 5 people (4 of which wouldn’t even want to go to the show)! I am not looking at this as a deprivation of any sort, but instead a healthy addition to my life. Every once in awhile, I need to go on a spending freeze. It has become way too convenient to buy ANYTHING with the click of a button, and getting out of that mindset would really help me save even more than I already do. I don’t have a spending problem by any means, but some things I just don’t hesitate on. And some things I think about for so long and then I think That only costs XX many hours of work. I can do that. But, the reality is, with this wedding coming up – and the life I expect and deserve to live that will ensue – I need to break myself of ANY habit of impulse spending. I don’t NEED more things. As much as I could financially make a trip to London work, it would be so tight that I would probably have to skimp on the necessities (I am crazy enough to do that for Julie Andrews), but I don’t think ANYONE would appreciate my going showerless, not washing my clothes, and walking to work every day. PEEYEW!

But, enough of what I WOULD do to buy something. Here is what I WILL do to save…

This first spending freeze I am challenging myself with, will run yesterday through Friday, January 31st. This amounts to two WHOLE weeks! This doesn’t mean I shop around and bookmark items to buy on February 1st. It means that, besides the necessities, I will not be buying anything. If it can go on my wedding registry, great! But if not, I need to let it go.

I know I can do it! Won’t you join me, Happy People?


❤ The RoaminTwin



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