Morning Mantra

Never ever EVER in my life have I EVER thought I would utilize the word “mantra” when it comes to my life, my practices, or at all! It always seemed too hippyish for my taste. But, here I am, working on my happiness and centeredness. I am becoming one with the earth…

Oh goodness me oh my! What I really want to share with you is that, for the very first time yesterday, I came up with a mantra and said it out loud. In public. To myself.

Do I sound slightly crazy? Yes. And I am fine with that. I have begun to rise before the sun to allow myself a solid hour and a half to two hours at the gym in the mornings. I am working to up my cardio, whether I like it or not! And since I am getting it done first thing in the morning, I am not burnt out from a long day at work + my brother’s basketball games + Timmykin’s hockey games + whatever else might come my way on any given day.

Towards the end of my lift yesterday morning, I was dead. I had exhausted myself after each sequence, and just didn’t want to complete the last handful of moves. So, I stopped, looked out the window at the sunrise, closed my eyes, and said the following during a series of deep breaths in the exhale:

I will practice mindfulness
I will practice kindness
I will practice patience
I will practice self-control
I will practice productivity
I will practice positivity
I will keep a happy disposition
I will release negative thoughts
I will release negative energy
I will forever move towards my dreams and reach my full potential

After a few moments with my eyes closed, I was back to work, and harder than before!

I feel like we all need that little breather. Maybe it’s to plan out the day (I am HUGE on writing to-do lists), or to pray for a loved one. Maybe it’s that morning cup of tea, or a glass of deep red wine with your feet up in silence, or dancing around your living room to big band music (with or without a significant other).

I love all of those moments, but I especially enjoyed this one with myself this morning. I encourage you all to either find a mantra that you can repeat on a regular basis to center you when your emotions are awry, or to motivate you to take on the day.

It was invigorating, to say the least. And took me to a happy place amidst struggle.

What’s YOUR mantra or happy time?

❤ The RoaminTwin

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