I’m a Little Crock Pot


Can you smell that from where you are? It’s a stew in the crockpot.

Seriously, I am using my Christmas present FINALLY and cooking up a beef stew! I had some veggies, some lean meat, and looked up “healthy beef crock pot recipes” (or something to that degree). Ta-da! I chose to make the first thing that popped up. The recipe asked for flour, which I substituted with ground oats. And it asked for dry red wine, which I substituted with even MORE dry red wine (see where it asks for water? Just more wine…). A girl who has given up alcohol for the sake of fitting into her wedding dress will take whatever she can get! And besides, it’s for the sake of MY HEALTH! 🙂

So, I mixed up all of the ingredients last night, and boy-oh-boy did it look GOOD! And crock pots are great for making meals that will last FOR DAYS.

Waking up to that aroma this morning was to die for. Instead of going to the gym at 6am, all I wanted to do was cradle that crock pot in bed with me. But that is disgusting, and I snapped out of it quickly.

That stew was on my mind to the gym, from the gym, and everywhere in between. And walking into the house from negative temperatures to warmth and yummy smells made the workout completely worth it.

I still refrained from gobbling it up as I got ready for work, making eggs and my morning tea. I admit to a little taste test as I ladled some out for my lunch today, and I AM SO EXCITED! Curious? Get the recipe HERE!

So, yes, using my crock pot is thrilling. Does that make me old? Heck no! It makes me happy to be working on myself and my health!

And, spending so much time looking into that Pensieve of a crock pot gave me a wonderful thought: I’M a Little Crock Pot!


I am saying that, just like the crock pot slow cooks the ingredients that are thrown into it, I, too, am slowly cooking. It took the crock pot 11 hours to cook this meal, where the oven would take an hour, and the microwave, 15 minutes! I can’t expect myself to change overnight, especially my self-perception or my body! I am a work in progress. But I also believe that slow cooked meals are richer, fuller. That is how I want to lead my life: slowly developing, learning, gaining consistency and richness. Why be a microwave dinner when you can be a soul-warming, hunger-eliminating stew?

Which would you rather be?

I know that change will come. I just need to work hard, even though I may not see physical results day to day. Just. Keep. Cooking.

❤ The RoaminTwin
MY STEW this morning! Might not be the prettiest, but it is pretty darn tasty!


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