Be The Squirrel

So, once upon a time there was this squirrel. He was a lonely little squirrel that just wanted a friend. So he stalked RoaminTwin until she caved and they were friends forever. The end.

OK, so that isn’t necessarily how the story ends, but real life started the same way…

Last week while on the stationary bicycle at the gym, I saw something move in the rafters above the television directly in front of me. I caught a glimpse of what looked like fur, and it was gone without a trace or sound. I turned and told Timmykins – who was on the stair stepper behind me – that there was something staring at me from above the TV. He called me crazy. I half believed I was, as it was towards the end of a long, strenuous workout, and maybe I was beginning to hallucinate from exhaustion.

About a week later, I was taking a short break between lifts and chatting with my mom and sister at that same gym, when I looked up and by chance caught the culprit: a squirrel. It was across the gym from me in the ceiling rafters. First, I pointed him out to my mom so she could verify that what I was seeing was real. Then, I hurried across the gym to get a picture or two to show Timmykins to prove my sanity. As I started walking back over to where I was initially, it started following me in the rafters above my head, moving without a sound. He scurried all the way over to the corner of the room where he ran down a bar leaning against the wall and disappeared onto the floor.

No, No, NO! For the first time during this current gym routine, I left without completing the entire workout. I am fine with little outdoor creatures being OUTSIDE, but once they come inside, we are no longer friends. 

I let the man working the front desk know about the squatter in the gym (pun or no pun intended).

This is when I learned that the squirrel had made it’s way into the gym 3 times! Through being shooed out the door by humans, having his entrance boarded up (which he chewed straight through), and even a yard full of traps, he found his way back inside and out of the cold.

And this, my friends, is why I want to be more like this squirrel. Sure, I do not want to befriend the thing, but he is/was (I don’t know if they caught him at this point) so darn tenacious! He saw something he wanted (in this case, warmth from the more recent freezing temperatures in my region) and went for it. Did he fail? YES! But he learned how to overcome failure and didn’t give up.

Be that audacious little booger! Don’t just make goals, GO FOR THEM!

If a squirrel can do it, so can we!

What do you think, Happy People? Are you with me?

❤ The RoaminTwin




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