Don’t Give In to the Troll!

TROLL: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument  – Urban Dictionary

I have heard whisperings of these types of people. Timmykins has spoken of them on websites he frequents in his downtime. I have even run into one from time to time.

But yesterday. Yesterday was a whole other ball game for me. A subject matter very near and dear to me had something published regarding it. It is of my opinion that sensitive subject matters such as what was posted should have the commenting option turned off. Others – such as media outlets and TROLLS – don’t feel the same. I made a comment in support of the subject matter, making sure to clarify that I was stating my own opinion. This instigated a troll. A troll who attacked me and my stance personally. I typed a response and was so close to hitting “Submit”, when Timmykins stopped me. And here is why:

People like this sit on their computer day after day after day. They post hurtful comments and other content. They play devil’s advocate, instigate, and even strongly feel that their opinions are indeed fact and fight. The thing is, they are cowards hiding behind their computer screens. They thrive on the attention they can gain on the internet that they can’t in their real lives. Most of them even create fake profiles to hide behind.

I took a deep breath, and looked down at the troll’s name. Yes, there was a name next to no picture, so it was probably a created profile just for commenting. Then I saw another tell tale sign that this man or woman is just out for blood on a regular basis: this person had the title “Top Commenter” next to their name. Why is this so important? This means that this person sits at their computer and comments on everything just to get a response, just to “win” that prize of top commenter. They aren’t worth mine – or anyone else’s – time.

Does this stop me from wanting to give these kinds of people a piece of my mind? Goodness, no! But I can’t stoop to their level. I won’t. I stuck to my guns and said what I had to say, and though I was personally attacked by name, I lost the need to defend myself.

These trolls are the cyber bullies, the rumor-spreaders, the trouble makers. Part of me wants to pity them for living the way they do. Maybe their parents weren’t around or their teachers didn’t teach them anything about tact (though, do school systems really seek to teach the most important things??). But I won’t put any effort into pitying them. Nor will I put any effort into responding to them and fueling the fire, or hating them.

I will continue to live my life knowing how I feel, knowing what is right and wrong, and priding myself in my social skills. And above all else: I am going to live my life happily.


❤ The RoaminTwin


2 thoughts on “Don’t Give In to the Troll!

  1. It’s so hard to ignore when you feel a fire bubble up in your chest and you want to knock things over. You know you can outsmart a troll, so you want to. You want to show them how superior you are… in writing, in general knowledge, in common sense, in life. I want to one-up the people who try to bring me down and make them feel small! But it’s really not worth it. I know that. Sometimes I still do it. I’m not perfect. Kick boxing would be fun though. To their face.

    • I agree on all fronts! It takes a lot of will power to hold back. I find it helpful to type something up, read over it a couple of times, then delete and move on 🙂

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