I’m Losing My Mind + 200 Subscribers!

Hello, Happy People!

I was so excited to get into work and get s*** DONE this morning! I just spent a good portion of last evening getting s*** done surrounding the wedding, and I am on this roll where I am feeling very productive.

I came in, put together a package to send to Ozark, Missouri before I even set foot in my office. Then I took my coat off, sat down, and began my day. 

About half an hour into my workday, I realized I hadn’t received my morning text from Timmykins letting me know he made it to work OK. Then I realized I didn’t have my phone anywhere on my desk. So, after realizing it was unavoidable, I dove into my purse. OK, this is not a purse, it is more like an overnight bag that hasn’t been cleaned out EVER (and I bought the thing in October). I sifted through everything, took some things out…no phone. Looked in my computer case: no phone. Looked in a couple of boxes surrounding my desk: no phone. Called it and didn’t hear it.

So, next – naturally – I decided to retrace my steps. Back down the stairs I went, into the front office, into the tiny office kitchen, out to the main building lobby, out the front door to the parking lot, circled my car once or twice, into my car, back into the office kitchen, opened the fridge: no phone. 

You are searching the fridge for your phone. You have lost your mind.

And then it hit me: The first action I took was to fill and send a package to Ozark, Missouri. DID I JUST SEND MY PHONE TO OZARK?!? The mail was already out for the day. Crap.

Back upstairs I went, where my lovely coworker and I searched every nook and cranny of my desk area (I even let her search my cluttered purse! GASP!) as I mumbled over and over how I have lost my mind.

And you know where we found it? In my coat pocket. Hanging off the back of my desk chair. Because that wasn’t the obvious place to look first, right?

Thinking about it – almost immediately after finding it – I just thought of how I would have been fine had it been in a box on its way to Ozark. A bride doesn’t need her phone the week before her wedding, right? OK, that is a little nonsensical, but it sure sounds nice not to have my phone, so maybe a phone-free weekend needs to go on the books for me again. Just, not until after March 21st. Then I should just probably throw away my phone for good (kidding, of course).

When was the last time YOU scheduled a Phone Free Weekend? Do you think it would make you happier? I have only scheduled one once, and let me tell you: it was IMMACULATE! I think that I need to try washing my hands clean of all internets for a weekend at some point to see how well I fare…

Oh, and last – but CERTAINLY not least – I reached and exceeded 200 subscribers to Roamin4Happiness yesterday!! Yeeeee! You all make me so happy that you are joining me in the journey! I just want to shout it from the rooftops! If you just can’t get enough here, find me on Twitter and the Book of Faces, with a few more ways to connect with me on the horizon…

Happiness is a way of life! Won’t you spread it with me?

❤ The RoaminTwin


Shout out to the subscribers who made it on the graphic above, as well as my sister, best friend, and MOH MEREDITH!


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