Not QUITE Bridezilla

I haven’t been QUITE bridezilla.

But I hit a wall last week, letting myself get uber impatient and upset over spilled milk.

And, let me preface this by letting you know that Timmykins has been an awesome help and major support with this whole wedding planning process. He is just not as into it as I am. Which, in sweeping generalizations, is kind of the norm between husband and wife. At least from what I have encountered. It’s just funny to me how his focus has turned completely towards the future in the last few weeks, looking past the wedding, not right at it. Meaning the little tasks I have given him seem to be slipping through the cracks. But they are not. Just seem to be because I don’t have complete control over them.

OK, back to my story. I was at dinner with Timmykins and two of his groomsmen. They were asking me question after question that I thought I had already communicated the answers to them about (whether through text, email, or Timmykins). As I continued answering the barrage of questions – without my planner or anything else in front of me, so I was very taken off guard – my patience became non-existent and my answers became short. They knew I was upset.

I blamed it on my being hangry. Which wasn’t completely false. It was 9:45pm and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

But after I ate, my irritation and shortness continued. It didn’t come unwarranted, but it was unnecessary.

The next morning I received the following text from my second mom:

Hello Ms. S! This time next week you will be getting married!! Wow! Mind blowing – doesn’t seem possible! Enjoy your last week of being single and getting ready for your big day! [emoji, emoji, emoji, emoji]

Now, I have heard “Enjoy the process”, “Revel in the engagement”, yadda yadda yadda so many times. And I have as much as possible. We have had fun picking things out and planning to an extent, but we also are just ready to have this big party to thank all of our loved ones and be married already.

But that text was like a switch in my brain. People have questions? Fine. Just be ready to answer them. I sent an email to the entire wedding party with a full timeline and extra details. I gave Timmykins the job of making the program (though, if we don’t have one, does it REALLY matter?), I invited my sister – and MOH – over to go over center pieces with me, and I decided that whatever small details haven’t been completed (making lemon cookie dough, cakes, favors, and the list goes on and on) just may not get done. And I am OK with that.

I have been enjoying this last week with a couple of dinners out with friends, celebrating/photographing a dear friend’s wedding, finalizing some of the BIG stuff, attending a concert, and relaxing when I can find the time.

Because regardless of what details do and don’t come to fruition, we will be married and surrounded by those nearest and dearest to us at the end of the day.

And that is all that matters.

❤ The RoaminTwin
 My dress in its body bag 🙂

A wonderful pre-wedding gift from my second oldest friend!

A sneak peak into our center pieces!

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