On My Mind For 5 Years!

So, something has been on my mind for nearly 5 years, and yesterday, I finally brought it back up with the person I shared the experience with 5 years ago!

Here is what I wrote on my former college RA, Michael’s, Facebook wall:

I want to tell you about an interaction you had with me nearly 5 years ago! You were my RA, and it was one of the last nights of my freshman year at USD. I wanted to go out, but was just lazy with my hair, and pinned it back in what looked like a loose bun. With the natural curl.

You ran into me in the hallway and said: I love your hair and makeup! It all looks so ETHEREAL!

Let me tell you…I had to look up the definition. BUT I have remembered it ever since. When people have asked me what 3 words I would use to describe my dream wedding, I have said: personalized, classic, and ethereal.

You helped inspire the look of my dream wedding…5 years ago! And my wedding updo? My sister pinned it up in a curly, loose, low updo. Which I have loved the look of ever since your compliment that night.

Thank you so much, Michael! Your words have spanned 5 years, and will continue to! It shows how one compliment can change a person’s perspective and life!

His response to these words that were long overdue was just so sweet! 2 lessons learned from this interaction that began 5 years ago:

1. One things said – good or bad – can stay with a person forever. Why waste your energy on formulating the bad towards someone else?

2. If someone is on your mind – the person, something they said or did for you – connect with them! ESPECIALLY if they have had a big impact in your life and might not know it! It will brighten their day, week, or even life 🙂

Now, go out there and GET HAPPY, Happy People!

❤ The RoaminTwin
My beautiful sister and I 5 years ago on the EXACT night I had the lasting interaction with Michael. Remember it like it was yesterday.
She and I on my wedding day last week. Similar hair, no?


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